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2003An acoustic and articulatory analysis of focus and the word/morpheme boundary distinction in WarlpiriButcher, Andrew Richard; Harrington, J
2007An acoustic and articulatory study of Bininj Gun-wok stop consonantsButcher, Andrew Richard; Fletcher, Janet; Stoakes, Hywel
2006Articulatory variability of intervocalic stop articulation in Bininj Gun-WokStoakes, Hywel; Fletcher, Janet Mary; Butcher, Andrew Richard
2006Australian Aboriginal Languages: Consonant-Salient Phonologies and the 'Place-of-Articulation Imperative'Butcher, Andrew Richard
2010The Big Australian Speech Corpus (The Big ASC)Chetty, Girija; Cassidy, Stephen; Butcher, Andrew Richard; Burnham, Denis Kingsley; Bird, Steven; Best, Catherine Therese; Bennamoun, Mohammed; Arciuli, Joanne; Ambikairajah, Eliathamby; Onslow, Mark; Loakes, Deborah Elizabeth; Kuratate, Takaaki; Kinoshita, Yuko; Kemp, Nenagh; Ishihara, Shunichi; Cox, Felicity Margot; Ingram, John C; Hajek, John T; Grayden, David Bruce; Goecke, Roland; Fletcher, Janet Mary; Estival, Dominique; Epps, Julien Roger; Dale, Robert; Cutler, Anne; Powers, David Martin; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Wagner, Michael; Tran, Dat; Togneri, Roberto; Rose, Philip
2009A blueprint for a comprehensive Australian English auditory-visual speech corpusIshihara, Shunichi; Fletcher, Janet Mary; Kemp, Nenagh; Kinoshita, Yuko; Ambikairajah, Eliathamby; Arciuli, Joanne; Bennamoun, Mohammed; Best, Catherine Therese; Bird, Steven; Butcher, Andrew Richard; Cassidy, Stephen; Chetty, Girija; Cox, Felicity Margot; Cutler, Anne; Dale, Robert; Epps, Julien Roger; Goecke, Roland; Grayden, David Bruce; Hajek, John T; Ingram, John C; Rose, Philip; Togneri, Roberto; Tran, Dat; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Powers, David Martin; Burnham, Denis Kingsley; Wagner, Michael; Kuratate, Takaaki; Loakes, Deborah Elizabeth; Onslow, Mark
2008Coarticulation in nasal and lateral clusters in WarlpiriButcher, Andrew Richard; Fletcher, Janet Mary; Loakes, Deborah Elizabeth
2007Development of a modified diagnostic classification system for voice disorders with inter-rater reliability studyEsterman, Adrian Jeffrey; Baker, Janet Elizabeth; McLaughlin, Kristin Jane; Ben-Tovim, David Isaac; Butcher, Andrew Richard
2004'Fortis/Lenis' Revisited one more time: The aerodynamics of some oral stop contrasts in three continentsButcher, Andrew Richard
2003An instrumental analysis of focus and juncture in WarlpiriButcher, Andrew Richard; Harrington, J
2008Linguistic aspects of Australian Aboriginal EnglishButcher, Andrew Richard
2003Local and global influences on vowel formants in three Australian languages.Butcher, Andrew Richard; Fletcher, Janet Mary
2004On the back of the tongue: dorsal sounds in Australian languagesTabain, M; Butcher, Andrew Richard
2008Phonetically pre-stopped laterals in Australian languages: a preliminary investigation of WarlpiriButcher, Andrew Richard; Fletcher, Janet Mary; Loakes, Deborah Elizabeth; Stoakes, Hywel
2007Spectral and durational properties of vowels in Kunwinjku.Fletcher, Janet; Loakes, Deborah; Butcher, Andrew Richard; Stoakes, Hywel
2004VC vs CV syllables: a comparison of Aboriginal languages with EnglishTabain, M; Butcher, Andrew Richard; Breen, G
2008The vowels of Australian Aboriginal EnglishButcher, Andrew Richard; Anderson, Victoria B
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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