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2007Adaptive response for chromosomal inversions in pKZ1 mouse prostate induced by low doses of X radiation delivered after a high doseBhat, Madhava; Scott, Bobby R; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Day, Tanya Kate; Turner, David Richard; Hooker, Antony Michael; Zeng, Guoxin
2006Extremely low priming doses of X radiation induce an adaptive response for chromosomal inversions in pKZ1 mouse prostateDay, Tanya Kate; Hooker, Antony Michael; Bhat, Madhava; Scott, Bobby R; Turner, David Richard; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Zeng, Guoxin
2004Genomic instability in sclerodermaWalker, Jennifer Gauld; Turner, David Richard; Shen, Xiaofeng; Roberts-Thomson, Peter John; Smith, Malcolm Douglas; Male, D A; Ahern, Michael John; Cox, Sally Rebecca
2003Homozygosity for CAG mutation in Huntington disease is associated with a more severe clinical courseTurner, David Richard; Almqvist, W; Bachoud-Levi, A; Di Donato, S; Cislaghi, G; Gellera, C; Canella, M; Delatycki, M; Hayden, Michael R; Maglione, V; Mariotti, C; Simpson, S A; Rubinsztein, D; Squitieri, F
2008Integrative analysis of RUNX1 downstream pathways and target genesMichaud, Joelle; Simpson, Ken; Escher, Robert; Buchet-Poyau, Karine; Beissbarth, Tim; Carmichael, Catherine; Ritchie, Matthew E; Schutz, Frederic; Cannon, Ping; Liu, Marjorie; Shen, Xiaofeng; Ito, Yoshiaki; Raskind, Wendy H; Horwitz, Marshall S; Turner, David Richard; Speed, Terence P; Kavallaris, Maria; Smyth, Gordon K; Scott, Hamish S; Osato, Motomi
2003Linkage and association analysis of radiation damage repair genes XRCC3 and XRCC5 with nevus density in adolescent twinsZhu, G; Turner, David Richard; Duffy, D L; Ewen, K R; Martin, Nicholas G; Montgomery, G W
2003Mitotic recombination is an important mutational event following oxidative damageFirgaira, F; Holt, D A; Turner, David Richard; Morley, Alexander Alan; Dreimanis, Monica Alice
2008Thrombophilic polymorphisms in IsraelZoossmann-Diskin, Avshalom; Gazit, Ephraim; Peleg, Leah; Shohat, Mordechai; Turner, David Richard
2008Typical classical polymorphisms by real-time PCR: analysis of the GPT and ALAD protein polymorphisms in the Jewish populationsTurner, David Richard; Gazit, Ephraim; Peleg, Leah; Swinburne, Sarah; Shohat, Mordechai; Zoossmann-Diskin, Avshalom
2010Whole-of-population studies of ear health and hearing in remote and urban Indigenous school-age children in South AustraliaSanchez, Linnett; Sparrow, Karen Margrethe; Carney, Andrew Simon; Turner, David Richard
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