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2006The impact of conducting a regional palliative care clinical studyCurrow, David Christopher; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Shelby-James, Tania Maree; Phillips, Paddy Andrew
2009Improving the methodologic and ethical validity of best supportive care studies in oncology: lessons from a systematic reviewCherny, Nathan; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Strasser, Florian; Sapir, Rama; Currow, David Christopher; Zafar, Yousuf
21-Feb-2012An international initiative to create a collaborative for pharmacovigilance in hospice and palliative care clinical practiceCurrow, David Christopher; Rowett, Debra Sharon; Doogue, Matthew; To, Timothy HM; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
22-Jul-2013The longitudinal pattern of response when morphine is used to treat chronic refractory dyspneaCurrow, David Christopher; Quinn, Stephen; Greene, Aine; Bull, Janet; Johnson, Miriam J; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2004Managing comorbidities in patients at the end of lifeAbernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher; Miller, C; Stevenson, James
6-Jan-2010Not published, not indexed: issues in generating and finding hospice and palliative care literatureTieman, Jennifer; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher
2010Not published, not indexed: issues in generating and finding hospice and palliative care literatureAbernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher; Tieman, Jennifer
5-Nov-2012Off-label prescribing in palliative care – a cross-sectional national survey of Palliative Medicine doctorsTo, Timothy HM; Agar, Meera Ruth; Shelby-James, Tania Maree; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Doogue, Matthew; Rowett, Debra Sharon; Ko, Danielle; Currow, David Christopher
4-Apr-2011Once-daily opioids for chronic dyspnea: a dose increment and pharmacovigilance studyCurrow, David Christopher; McDonald, Christine; Oaten, Sheila; Kenny, Bernadette; Allcroft, Peter; Frith, Peter Anthony; Briffa, Michael; Johnson, Miriam J; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2008Oxygen for relief of dyspnoea in mildly- or non-hypoxaemic patients with cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisMcCory, D C; Currow, David Christopher; Samsa, G; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Uronis, H E
2006Palliative management of refractory dyspnea in COPDCurrow, David Christopher; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Uronis, H E
2007Palliative oxygen for non-hypoxaemic chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseUronis, H E; McCrory, D C; Samsa, G; Currow, David Christopher; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2008A pilot phase II randomized, cross-over, double-blinded, controlled efficacy study of ocreatide versus hyoscine hydrobromide for control of noisy breathing at the end-of-lifeClark, Katherine; Currow, David Christopher; Agar, Meera Ruth; Fazekas, Belinda Susan; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2008Place of death for people with noncancer and cancer illness in South Australia: a population-based surveyCurrow, David Christopher; Burns, Catherine Mary; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2008Populations who die without specialist palliative care: does lower uptake equate with unmet need?Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher; Agar, Meera Ruth; Sanderson, Christine Ruth
2006A pragmatic 2x2x2 factorial cluster randomized controlled trial of educational outreach visiting and case conferencing in palliative care - methodology of the Palliative Care Trial [ISRCTN 81117481]Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher; Hunt, Roger Wayne; Williams, Helena; Roder-Allen, Gerda; Shelby-James, Tania Maree; Rowett, Debra Sharon; Esterman, Adrian Jeffrey; May, Frank; Phillips, Paddy Andrew
2008Preference for place of care and place of death in palliative care: are these different questions?Agar, Meera Ruth; Currow, David Christopher; Shelby-James, Tania Maree; Plummer, John Lewis; Sanderson, Christine Ruth; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
2009Prescribing at times of clinical transition in chronic or progressive diseasesAbernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher; To, Timothy
2007Prescribing in palliative care as death approachesCurrow, David Christopher; Stevenson, James; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Plummer, John Lewis; Shelby-James, Tania Maree
Nov-2007Promoting patient centred palliative care through case conferencingShelby-James, Tania Maree; Currow, David Christopher; Phillips, Paddy Andrew; Williams, Helena; Abernethy, Amy Pickar
Showing results 30 to 49 of 61
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