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2004The analysis of handsheets from wheat straw following solid substrate fermentation by Streptomyces cyaneus and soda cooking treatment.Berrocal, M M; Rodriguez, Juana; Hernandez, Manuel; Perez, M I; Roncero, M B; Vidal, T; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Arias, M Enriqueta
2008Application of Molecular Microbiology to Environmental ForensicsBall, Andrew Stephen; Pretty, Jules; Mahmud, Rakhi; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin)
2010Assessment of five bioaccessibility assays for predicting the efficacy of petroleum hydrocarbon biodegradation in aged contaminated soilsDandie, C E; Weber, John; Aleer, Samuel; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin); Ball, Andrew Stephen; Juhasz, Albert Laszlo
2008Azoxystrobin and soil interactions: degradation and impact on soil bacterial and fungal communitiesOsborn, A Mark; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin)
2008Biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS) of petrodiesel fuelsMohebali, Ghasemali; Ball, Andrew Stephen
2007Biodesulfurization potential of a newly isolated bacterium, Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90AMohebali, Ghasemali; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Rasekh, Behnam; Kaytash, Ashk
2009Burning management and carbon sequestration of upland heather moorland in the UK.Farage, Peter; McGenity, Terry; Corinne, Whitby; Pretty, Jules; Ball, Andrew Stephen
2010Contributions to a better comprehension of redox-mediated decolouration and detoxification of azo dyes by a laccase produced by Streptomyces cyaneus CECT 3335Moya, Raquel; Hernandez, M; Garcia-Martin, Ana B; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Arias, M. Enriqueta
2003Co-operative actions and degradation analysis of purified xylan-degrading enzymes from Thermomonospora fusca BD25 on oat-spelt xylanTuncer, M; Ball, Andrew Stephen
2007Diatom-derived carbohydrates as factors affecting bacterial community composition in estuarine sedimentsBall, Andrew Stephen; Hofmann, T A; Smith, Cindy J; Underwood, G J C; Haynes, Kelly; Osborn, A Mark
2008Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) as the sulfur source for the production of desulfurizing resting cells of Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90ABall, Andrew Stephen; Mohebali, Ghasemali; Kaytash, Ashk; Rasekh, Behnam
2009Dynamics and compositional changes in extracellular carbohydrates in estuarine sediments during degradationBall, Andrew Stephen; Hofmann, Tanja A.; Hanlon, A R M; Taylor, Joe D; Osborn, A Mark; Underwood, Graham J. C.
2006Dynamics of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) production and loss in an estuarine, diatom-dominated, microalgal biofilm over a tidal emersion-immersion period.Hanlon, A R M; Bellinger, B; Haynes, Kelly; Xiao, G Q; Hofmann, T A; Gretz, M R; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Underwood, G J C; Osborn, A Mark
2005Economic constraints to the adoption of carbon farmingPretty, Jules; Farage, Peter; Ball, Andrew Stephen
2009Effect of free air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) on the chemical composition and nutritive value of wheat grain and strawPorteaus, F.; Hill, J; Pinter, P.J; Kimball, W; Leavitt, S. W.; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Wall, G.W; Adamsen, F. J.; Hunsaker, D.J; LaMorte, R. L.; Thompson, T. L.; Matthias, A. D.; Morris, C.F; Brooks, T. J.
2005Effects of long-term benzene pollution on bacterial diversity and community structure in groundwater.Fahy, Anne; Lethbridge, Gordon; Earle, Richard; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Timmis, Kenneth N; McGenity, Terry J
2005Elevated atmospheric CO2 affects the turnover of nitrogen in a European grasslandSowerby, Alwyn; Blum, Herbert; Ball, Andrew Stephen
2006Energy inputs in soil systemsBall, Andrew Stephen
2005Farm costs and food miles: an assessment of the full cost of the UK weekly food basketPretty, Jules; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Lang, T; Morison, J I L
2006Heterogeneous aerobic benzene-degrading communities in oxygen-depleted groundwatersFahy, Anne; McGenity, Terry J; Timmis, Kenneth N; Ball, Andrew Stephen
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