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2008An (e,2e) coincidence study of formic acid monomer and dimerBrunger, Michael James; Saha, Saumitra; Euripides, Peter; Nixon, Kate Louise; Lawrance, Warren Donald; Jones, Darryl Bruce; Wang, Feng
2012Elastic and inelastic cross sections for low-energy electron collisions with pyrimidineMasin, Zdenek; Gorfinkiel, Jimena D; Jones, Darryl Bruce; Bellm, Susan; Brunger, Michael James
2010Elastic Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with Molecules Relevant to Plasma ProcessingCho, Hyuck; Yoon, J.-S.; Kato, H; Hoshino, M; Tanaka, H; Brunger, Michael James; Buckman, S J; Song, M.-Y.
2010Elastic cross sections for electron collisions with molecules relevant to plasma processingYoon, J-S; Song, M-Y; Kato, H; Hoshino, M; Tanaka, Hiroshi; Brunger, Michael James; Buckman, Stephen J; Cho, Hyuck
2012Elastic cross-sections for electron scattering from GeF4: predominance of atomic-F in the high-energy collision dynamicsKato, H; Suga, A; Hoshino, M; Blanco, Francisco; Garcia, Gustavo; Limao-Vieira, P; Brunger, Michael James; Tanaka, Hiroshi
2008Elastic electron scattering from 3-hydroxytetrahydrofuran: experimental and theoretical studiesVizcaino, V; Roberts, Jason; Sullivan, James; Brunger, Michael James; Buckman, Stephen J; Winstead, Carl; McKoy, Vincent
2010Elastic electron scattering from CF3ISchmerl, Brett Andrew; Brunger, Michael James; Francis-Staite, Jessica; Kato, H; Buckman, S J
2010Elastic electron scattering from CF3IFrancis-Staite, Jessica; Schmerl, Brett; Brunger, Michael James; Kato, H; Buckman, Stephen J
2009Electron and positron scattering from biomoleculesBrunger, Michael James; Buckman, S J; Zecca, Antonio
2005Electron Collisions in our Atmosphere - How the Microscopic Drives the MacroscopicBuckman, Stephen J; Brunger, Michael James; Campbell, Laurence; Jelisavcic, M; Petrovic, Z L
2003Electron collisions with ethyleneTanaka, Hiroshi; Campbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James; Buckman, Stephen J; Jelisavcic, M; Kitajima, M; Lower, J; Panajotovic, R
4-Feb-2008Electron cooling by carbon monoxide in the atmospheres of Mars and VenusCampbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James
2008Electron cooling by carbon monoxide in the atmospheres of Mars and VenusCampbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James
2006Electron-driven excitation of O2 under night-time auroral conditions: excited state densities and band emissionsJones, Darryl Bruce; Campbell, Laurence; Bottema, Murk Jan; Teubner, Peter John; Cartwright, D C; Newell, W R; Brunger, Michael James
2006Electron driven processes in atmospheric behaviourCampbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James; Teubner, Peter John
2009Electron excitation and energy transfer rates for H2O in the upper atmosphereCampbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James; Thorn, Penny Anne
2011Electron excitation of the Schumann–Runge continuum, longest band, and second band electronic states in O2Suzuki, Daisuke; Kato, H; Ohkawa, Mizuha; Anzai, Kazutoshi; Tanaka, Hiroshi; Limao-Vieira, P; Campbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James
2007Electron impact contribution to infrared NO emissions in auroral conditionsBrunger, Michael James; Campbell, Laurence
2010Electron-impact excitation heating rates in the atmosphere of TitanBrunger, Michael James; Campbell, Laurence; Bradshaw, Mark David; Kato, Hidetoshi
2009Electron impact excitation of carbon monoxide in comet Hale-BoppCampbell, Laurence; Brunger, Michael James
Showing results 29 to 48 of 133
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