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2005Clustering of related individuals in a population of the Australian lizard, Egernia frereiFuller, Susan J; Murray, Kris; Spencer, R J; Bull, Christopher Michael
2007Consistent social structure within aggregations of the Australian lizard, Egernia stokesii across seven disconnected rocky outcropsDonnellan, S C; Murray, Kris; Bull, Christopher Michael; Gardner, Michael George; Fenner, Aaron
2010Developmental stages and molecular phylogeny of Hepatozoon tuatarae, a parasite infecting the New Zealand tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus and the tick, Amblyomma sphenodontiMenz, Robert Ian; Herbert, James; Godfrey, Stephanie Susan; Bull, Christopher Michael
2008Development of microsatellite markers and analysis of their inheritance in the Australian reptile tick, Bothriocroton hydrosauriGuzinski, Jaromir; Saint, Kathleen M; Bull, Christopher Michael; Gardner, Michael George; Donnellan, S C
2004Egernia striolata (tree skink) reproductionBonnett, M; Bull, Christopher Michael
2004Enhanced vigilance in groups in Egernia stokesii, a lizard with stable social aggregationsLanham, E J; Bull, Christopher Michael
2009Evaluation of offspring size-number invariants in 12 species of lizardWhile, G. M.; Wapstra, Erik; Warner, David; Goodman, Brett; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Langkilde, Tracey; Doughty, Paul; Radder, R. S.; Rohr, D. H.; Shine, Rick; Olsson, Mats; Bull, Christopher Michael; Uller, T
2006Exclusive core areas in overlapping ranges of the sleepy lizard, Tiliqua rugosaKerr, Gregory Dale; Bull, Christopher Michael
2004Field observations of extended locomotor activity at sub-optimal body temperatures in a diurnal heliothermic lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)Kerr, Gregory Dale; Bull, Christopher Michael
2003Fitness of the endangered pygmy blue tongue lizard tiliqua adelaidensis in artificial burrowsHutchinson, Mark; Milne, T I; Bull, Christopher Michael
2009Genotypes and nematode infestations in an endangered lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensisFenner, Aaron; Bull, Christopher Michael; Gardner, Michael George; Smith, Annabel L
2007Habitat requirements of the endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensisBull, Christopher Michael; Souter, N J; Lethbridge, Mark Robert; Hutchinson, Mark
2004Human disturbance and stride frequency in the sleepy lizard (Tiliqua rugosa): implications for behaviour studiesKerr, Gregory Dale; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Bull, Christopher Michael
2006Identifying landscape scale patterns from individual scale processesTyre, Andrew J; Tenhumberg, Brigitte; Bull, Christopher Michael
2007Identifying mechanistic models of spatial behaviour using pattern-based modelling: an example from lizard home rangesBull, Christopher Michael; Tyre, Andrew J; Kerr, Gregory Dale; Tenhumberg, Brigitte
2008The impact of nematode parasites on the behaviour of an Australian lizard, the gidgee skink Egernia stokesiiBull, Christopher Michael; Fenner, Aaron
2003Indirect evidence of density-dependent population regulation in Aponomma hydrosauri (Acari: Ixodidae), an ectoparasite of reptilesTenhumberg, Brigitte; Tyre, Andrew J; Bull, Christopher Michael; Chilton, N B
2006Influence of drying time on nematode eggs in scats of Scincid lizard Egernia StokesiiHallas, Gary; Bull, Christopher Michael
2006The influence of parasites on the retention of long-term partnerships in the Australian sleepy lizard, Tiliqua rugosaBull, Christopher Michael; Burzacott, Dale Anthony
2008Injuries to lizards: conservation implications for the endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard (Tiliqua adelaidensis)Bull, Christopher Michael; Fenner, Aaron; Hutchinson, Mark
Showing results 8 to 27 of 58
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