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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Black holes and quantum theory: the fine structure constant connectionCahill, Reginald Thomas
2005Black holes in elliptical and spiral galaxies and in globular clustersCahill, Reginald Thomas
2005Bootstrap universe from self-referential noiseCahill, Reginald Thomas; Klinger, Christopher M
2009Combining NASA/JPL One-Way Optical-Fiber Light-Speed Data with Spacecraft Earth-flyby doppler-shift Data to Characterise 3-Space FlowCahill, Reginald Thomas
2008Correlated Detection of sub-mHz Gravitational Waves by Two Optical-Fiber InterferometersStokes, Finn; Cahill, Reginald Thomas
2005Dark matter as a quantum foam in-flow effectCahill, Reginald Thomas
2007Dynamical 3-Space: Alternative Explanations of the "Dark Matter Ring"Cahill, Reginald Thomas
2009Dynamical 3-Space: A ReviewCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010Dynamical 3-Space Predicts Hotter Early Universe: Resolves CMB-BBN 7Li and 4He Abundance AnomaliesCahill, Reginald Thomas
2007Dynamical 3-Space: Supernovae and the Hubble Expansion - the Older Universe without Dark EnergyCahill, Reginald Thomas
2006Dynamical Fractal 3-Space and the Generalised Schrodinger Equation: Equivalence Principle and Vorticity EffectsCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010The Dynamical Velocity Superposition Effect in the Quantum-Foam In-Flow Theory of GravityCahill, Reginald Thomas
2006The Einstein Postulates: 1905-2005 A Critical Review of the EvidenceCahill, Reginald Thomas
2005Gravitation, the 'dark matter' effect and the fine structure constantCahill, Reginald Thomas
2004Gravity as Quantum Foam In-FlowCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010Lunar laser-ranging detection of light-speed anisotropy and gravitational wavesCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010Lunar laser-ranging detection of light-speed anisotropy and gravitational wavesCahill, Reginald Thomas
2005The Michelson and Morley 1887 experimentCahill, Reginald Thomas
2003Michelson-Morley experiments revisited and the cosmic background radiation preferred frameKitto, Kirsty Jane; Cahill, Reginald Thomas
2006A new light-speed anisotropy experiment: absolute motion and gravitational waves detectedCahill, Reginald Thomas
Showing results 3 to 22 of 34
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