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2005The dose-dependent effect of methylphenidate on performance, cognition and psychophysiologyWilliams, Leanne M; Gordon, Evian; Cooper, Nicholas; Keage, Hannah Amy; Hermens, Daniel F; Debrota, David; Clark, Christopher Richard
2010Early life stress combined with serotonin 3A receptor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor valine 66 to methionine genotypes impacts emotional brain and arousal correlates of risk for depressionGatt, Justine M.; Nemeroff, Charles; Schofield, Peter R.; Paul, Robert; Clark, Christopher Richard; Gordon, Evian; Williams, Leanne M
2008Early life stress on brain structure and function across the lifespan: A preliminary studyBruce, Steven; Gordon, Evian; Clark, Christopher Richard; Seckfort, Donna; Bryant, Richard; Paul, Robert H; Grieve, Stuart M; Vandenberg, Brian; Williams, Leanne M; Cohen, Ronald A
2009Early stage assessment and course of acute stress disorder after mild traumatic brain injuryClark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Bryant, Richard; Creamer, Mark C; Broomhall, Luke; O'Donnell, Meaghan L; Silove, D
2009Encoding modality and spatial memory retrievalTlauka, Michael; Clark, Christopher Richard; Liu, Ping; Conway, Marie Joy
2008ERP indices of working memory updating in AD/HD: differential aspects of development, subtype, and medication.Kohn, Michael R; Keage, Hannah Amy; Clark, Christopher Richard; Hermens, Daniel F; Williams, Leanne M; Clarke, Simon; Lamb, Christopher M; Crewther, David; Gordon, Evian
2009Event-related potential and autonomic signs of maladaptive information processing during an auditory oddball task in panic disorderMcFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard; Battersby, Malcolm Wayne; Wise, Vikki
2009Event-related potentials to auditory stimuli in monozygotic twins discordant for combat: association with PTSDClark, Christopher Richard; Metzger, Linda J; McFarlane, Alexander C; Veltmeyer, Melinda Dianne; Orr, Scott P; Natasha, Lasco B; Paige, Stephen R; Pitman, Roger K
2008Event-related wave activity in the EEG provides new marker of ADHD.Alexander, David; Hermens, Daniel F; Keage, Hannah Amy; Clark, Christopher Richard; Williams, Leanne M; Kohn, Michael R; Clarke, Simon; Lamb, Christopher M; Gordon, Evian
2009Evidence-based medicine evaluation of electrophysiological studies of the anxiety disordersClark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Galletly, Cherrie A; Ash, David J; Moores, Kathryn Andree; Penrose, Rebecca Ann
2009Fronto-temporal alterations within the first 200 ms during an attentional task distinguish major depression, non-clinical participants with depressed mood and healthy controls: a potential biomarker?Rowe, D; Sumich, Alexander; Drinkenburg, Wilhelmus; Kemp, Andrew; Boyce, Philip; Gordon, Evian; Williams, Leanne M; Hopkinson, Patrick J; Hermans, D. F.; Abdi, Nadia; Penrose, Rebecca Ann; McFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard
2009Functional connectivity reveals inefficient working memory systems in post-traumatic stress disorderBryant, Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Strother, S; Shaw, Marnie; Moores, Kathryn Andree; Clark, Christopher Richard
2007A genotype-endophenotype-phenotype path model of depressed mood: Integrating cognitive and emotional markers.Gatt, Justine M; Kemp, Andrew; Liddell, Belinda J; Dobson-Stone, Carol; Kuan, Stacey A; Schofield, Peter R; Williams, Leanne M; Clark, Christopher Richard
2010Impact of depression heterogeneity on attention: An auditory oddball event related potential studyKemp, Andrew; PeBenito, Laarnie; Quintana, Daniel S; Clark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Mayur, Prashanth; Harris, Anthony; Boyce, Philip; Williams, Leanne M
2005The impact of early life stress on psychophysiological, personality and behavioral measures in 740 non-clinical subjectsMcFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard; Bryant, Richard; Williams, Leanne M; Niaura, Raymond; Paul, Robert H; Hitsman, Bryan; Stroud, Laura; Alexander, David; Gordon, Evian
2010Impact of the HTR3A with early life trauma on emotional brain networks and depressed moodClark, Christopher Richard; Paul, Robert; Grieve, Stuart; Gordon, Evian; Nemeroff, Charles; Dobson-Stone, Carol; Gatt, Justine M.; Williams, Leanne M.; Schofield, Peter R.
2007Impaired Updating of Working Memory in SchizophreniaClark, Christopher Richard; Galletly, Cherrie A; MacFarlane, Alexander C.
2008The integrate model of emotion, thinking and self regulation: An application to the "paradox of aging".Williams, Leanne M; Gatt, Justine M; Hatch, Ainslie; Palmer, Donna; Nagy, Marie; Rennie, Chris J; Cooper, Nicholas; Morris, Charlotte; Grieve, Stuart M; Dobson-Stone, Carol; Schofield, Peter R; Clark, Christopher Richard; Gordon, Evian; Arns, Martijn; Paul, Robert H
2007Integrating objective gene-brain-behavior markers of psychiatric disordersClark, Christopher Richard; Moyle, Jonson; Liddell, Belinda J; Brown, Kerri; Bryant, Richard; Das, Pritha; Dobson-Stone, Carol; Falconer, Erin; Felmingham, Kim; Kemp, Andrew; Kuan, Stacey A; Lazzaro, Illario L; Flynn, Gary; Gatt, Justine M; Harris, Anthony; Hermens, Daniel F; Hopkinson, Patrick J; Paul, Robert H; Rennie, Chris J; Schofield, Peter R; Whitford, Thomas J; Williams, Leanne M; Gordon, Evian
2007An integrative approach to determine the best behavioral and biological markers of methylphenidateWilliams, Leanne M; Hermens, Daniel F; Cooper, Nicholas; Debrota, David; Clark, Christopher Richard; Clarke, Simon
Showing results 21 to 40 of 77
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