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2003Cerebral function in post-traumatic stress disorder during verbal working memory updating: a positron emission tomography studyTochon-Danguy, H J; Weber, Darren L; Clark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Morris, Philip; Egan, Gary F; Marcina, J; Shaw, M E; Sonkkilla, C
2008Chronic cigarette smoking and the microstructural integrity of white matter in healthy adults: A diffusion tensor imaging studyLaidlaw, David; Cohen, Ronald A; Sweet, Lawrence; Taylor, George; Clark, Christopher Richard; Pogun, Sakire; Gordon, Evian; Paul, Robert H; Grieve, Stuart M; Niaura, Raymond; David, Sean P
2005Clozapine improves working memory updating in schizophreniaMcFarlane, Alexander C; Galletly, Cherrie A; Clark, Christopher Richard
1996Cocktails and Brainwaves: Experiments with Complex and Subliminal Auditory StimuliPowers, David Martin; Dixon, Simon; Clark, Christopher Richard; Weber, Darren L
2007Cognitive Aging, Executive Function, and Fractional Anisotropy: A Diffusion Tensor MR Imaging StudyClark, Christopher Richard; Grieve, Stuart M; Williams, Leanne M; Paul, Robert H; Gordon, Evian
2009Cognitive and electroencephalographic disturbances in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and sleep problems: new insightsMoores, Kathryn Andree; Gordon, Evian; Kohn, Michael R.; Clark, Christopher Richard; Keage, Hannah Amy; Clarke, Simon; Sawyer, Alyssa
2006Cognitive status of young and older cigarette smokers: Data from the international brain databasePaul, Robert H; Brickman, Adam M; Cohen, Ronald A; Williams, Leanne M; Niaura, Raymond; Pogun, Sakire; Clark, Christopher Richard; Gunstad, John; Gordon, Evian
2004Cognitive tasks augment gamma EEG powerPope, Kenneth; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Willoughby, John Osborne; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Clark, Christopher Richard
2007Cross cultural assessment of neuropsychological performance and electrical brain function measures: Additional validation of an international brain databasePaul, Robert H; Gunstad, John; Cooper, Nicholas; Williams, Leanne M; Clark, Christopher Richard; Cohen, Ronald A; Lawrence, Jeffrey; Gordon, Evian
2008Developing an integrated brain, behavior and biological response profile in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Williams, Leanne M; Falconer, Erin; Felmingham, Kim; Allen, Adrian; Clark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C
2008Differentiating cortical patterns of cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorderGalletly, Cherrie A; McFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard
2007Diffusion tensor imaging of the corpus callosum: A cross-sectional study across the lifespanPaul, Robert H; Grieve, Stuart M; Williams, Leanne M; Laidlaw, David; DiCarlo, Margaret; Clark, Christopher Richard; Whelihan, William; Cohen, Ronald A; Whitford, Thomas J; Gordon, Evian; McLaughlin, Nicole C. R.
2010Disorder specificity despite comorbidity: Resting EEG alpha asymmetry in major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorderKemp, Andrew; Griffiths, K; Felmingham, Kim; Shankman, Stewart A.; Drinkenburg, Wilhelmus; Arns, Martijn; Clark, Christopher Richard; Bryant, Richard
2006Distractibility in AD/HD predominantly inattentive and combined subtypes: The P3a ERP component, heart rate and performanceKeage, Hannah Amy; Clark, Christopher Richard; Hermens, Daniel F; Kohn, Michael R; Clarke, Simon; Williams, Leanne M; Crewther, David; Lamb, Christopher M; Gordon, Evian
2005The dose-dependent effect of methylphenidate on performance, cognition and psychophysiologyWilliams, Leanne M; Gordon, Evian; Cooper, Nicholas; Keage, Hannah Amy; Hermens, Daniel F; Debrota, David; Clark, Christopher Richard
2010Early life stress combined with serotonin 3A receptor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor valine 66 to methionine genotypes impacts emotional brain and arousal correlates of risk for depressionGatt, Justine M.; Nemeroff, Charles; Schofield, Peter R.; Paul, Robert; Clark, Christopher Richard; Gordon, Evian; Williams, Leanne M
2008Early life stress on brain structure and function across the lifespan: A preliminary studyBruce, Steven; Gordon, Evian; Clark, Christopher Richard; Seckfort, Donna; Bryant, Richard; Paul, Robert H; Grieve, Stuart M; Vandenberg, Brian; Williams, Leanne M; Cohen, Ronald A
2009Early stage assessment and course of acute stress disorder after mild traumatic brain injuryClark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Bryant, Richard; Creamer, Mark C; Broomhall, Luke; O'Donnell, Meaghan L; Silove, D
2009Encoding modality and spatial memory retrievalTlauka, Michael; Clark, Christopher Richard; Liu, Ping; Conway, Marie Joy
2008ERP indices of working memory updating in AD/HD: differential aspects of development, subtype, and medication.Kohn, Michael R; Keage, Hannah Amy; Clark, Christopher Richard; Hermens, Daniel F; Williams, Leanne M; Clarke, Simon; Lamb, Christopher M; Crewther, David; Gordon, Evian
Showing results 7 to 26 of 77
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