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2008The relationship between early life stress and microstructural integrity of the corpus callosum in a non-clinical populationHenry, Lorrie; Grieve, Stuart M; Guilmette, Thomas J; Niaura, Raymond; Bryant, Richard; Paul, Robert H; Bruce, Steven; Williams, Leanne M; Clark, Christopher Richard; Cohen, Ronald A; Gordon, Evian
2006The relationship between frontal gray matter volume and cognition varies across the healthy adult lifespanZimmerman, Molly; Brickman, Adam M; Paul, Robert H; Grieve, Stuart M; Tate, David F; Gunstad, John; Cohen, Ronald A; Aloia, Mark S; Williams, Leanne M; Clark, Christopher Richard; Whitford, Thomas J; Gordon, Evian
2009Relative contributions of the cerebellar vermis and prefrontal lobe volumes on cognitive function across the adult lifespanPaul, Robert; Cooper, Nicholas; Clark, Christopher Richard; Chaudary, Bilal; Kukla, Matthew; Lawrence, Jeffrey; Gordon, Norman; Gordon, Evian; Grieve, Stuart M; Mulligan, Richard
2007Removal of EEG Noise and Artifact Using Blind Source SeparationPowers, David Martin; Clark, Christopher Richard; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Pope, Kenneth
2008Resting electroencephalogram asymmetry and posttraumatic stress disorderHopkinson, Patrick J; Williams, Leanne M; Kemp, Andrew; Felmingham, Kim; Bryant, Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard; Shankman, Stewart A.; Silverstein, Steven M.
2007Scalp electrical recording during paralysis: Quantitative evidence that EEG frequencies above 20 Hz are contaminated by EMGWilloughby, John Osborne; Fronsko, Richard Ronald; Wallace, Angus Keith; Whitham, Emma Mary; Pope, Kenneth; Clark, Christopher Richard; Loveless, Stephen James; Broberg, I Marita; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Lillie, Peter; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Hardy, Andrew; Pulbrook, Alyson
2005Source localisation in a real human headTeubner, Michael; Nixon, J B; Rasser, Paul; Bottema, Murk Jan; Clark, Christopher Richard
2004Spontaneous alpha peak frequency predicts working memory performance across the age spanVeltmeyer, Melinda Dianne; Clark, Christopher Richard; Paul, Robert H; Gordon, Evian; Simms, E; Hermens, Daniel F; Hamilton, R
2006Standardized assessment of cognitive functioning during development and aging using an automated touchscreen batteryClark, Christopher Richard; Paul, Robert H; Williams, Leanne M; Arns, Martijn; Fallahpour, Kamran; Handmer, Carolyn; Gordon, Evian
1999Study of inhomogeneous head model based on conductivity issuesWen, Peng; Clark, Christopher Richard; He, Fangpo; Sammut, Karl
2010Switching between executive and default mode networks in posttraumatic stress disorder: Alterations in functional connectivityDaniels, Judith; McFarlane, Alexander C; Bluhm, Robyn; Moores, Kathryn Andree; Clark, Christopher Richard; Shaw, Marnie; Williamson, Peter; Densmore, Maria; Lanius, Ruth
2005The test-retest reliability of a standardized neurocognitive and neurophysiological test battery: 'Neuromarker'Gordon, Evian; Williams, Leanne M; Simms, E; Clark, Christopher Richard; Paul, Robert H; Rowe, D
2008Thinking activates EMG in scalp electrical recordingsPope, Kenneth; Whitham, Emma Mary; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Loveless, Stephen James; Clark, Christopher Richard; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Wallace, Angus Keith; Broberg, I Marita; Willoughby, John Osborne
2005Toward an integrated profile of depression: evidence from the brain resource international databaseKemp, Andrew; Blossom, Stephen; Hopkinson, Patrick J; Sumich, Alexander; Paul, Robert H; Clark, Christopher Richard; Gordon, Evian; Bryant, Richard; Williams, Leanne M
2010Towards a Brain-Controlled Wheelchair PrototypeKhazab, Fatemeh; Yazdani, Naisan; Luerssen, Martin Holger; Powers, David Martin; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Clark, Christopher Richard
2010Towards a brain-controlled Wheelchair PrototypeYazdani, Naisan; Khazab, Fatemah; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Luerssen, Martin Holger; Powers, David Martin; Clark, Christopher Richard
2010Using brain-based cognitive measures to support clinical decisions in ADHDClark, Christopher Richard; Thein, Thida; Williams, Leanne M; Cooper, Nicholas; Hermans, D. F.; Kohn, Michael R.; Lamb, Christopher Maxwell; Gordon, Evian; Clarke, Simon
2005Viewing a map versus reading a description of a map: modality-specific encoding of spatial informationTlauka, Michael; Keage, Hannah Amy; Clark, Christopher Richard
Dec-2011Visual experiences during paralysisWhitham, Emma Mary; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Pope, Kenneth; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Clark, Christopher Richard; Lillie, Peter; Hardy, Andrew; Gandevia, S; Willoughby, John Osborne
2009Working memory function in post-traumatic stress disorder: an event-related potential studyMcFarlane, Alexander C; Clark, Christopher Richard; Veltmeyer, Melinda Dianne; Moores, Kathryn Andree; Bryant, Richard; Gordon, Evian
Showing results 58 to 77 of 77
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