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Apr-2013Microsatellite Primers Identified by 454 Sequencing in the Floodplain Tree Species Eucalyptus victrix (Myrtaceae)Nevill, P G; Bradbury, Donna; Jørgensen, T; Krauss, S; Samaraweera, S; Gardner, Michael George
2009Molecular genetic data provide support for a model of transmission dynamics in an Australian reptile tick, Bothriocroton hydrosauriBull, Christopher Michael; Donnellan, S C; Gardner, Michael George; Guzinski, Jaromir
2008Molecular systematics of social skinks: phylogeny and taxonomy of the Egernia group (Reptilia: Scincidae)Gardner, Michael George; Donnellan, S C; Hutchinson, Mark; Foster, Ralph; Hugall, Andrew
2009New Holland honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) microsatellites: isolation and characterisation of 15 novel markers using an enrichment methodKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Gardner, Michael George; Myers, Steven; Donnellan, Steve
2010Offspring genetic structure reveals mating and nest infestation behaviour of an invasive parasitic fly (Philornis downsi) of Galápagos birdsKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Dudaniec, Rachael; Gardner, Michael George
2010Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 June 2010-31 July 2010Martin, Jean-Francoise; Messing, Russell; Miller, Karen J; Min, Byeong-Wha; Myeong, Jeong-In; Nibouche, S; Noack, Ann E; Noh, Jae K; Orivel, Jerome; Parker, C J; Petro, D; Prapayotin-Riveros, Kittpath; Quilichini, Angelique; Reynaud, D; Andris, Malvina; Riginos, Cynthia; Risterucci, A M; Rose, Harley A; Aradottir, Gudbjorg B; Arnau, G; Audzijonyte, Asta; Bess, Emilie C; Bonadonna, Francesca; Bourdel, G; Bried, Joel; Bugbee, Gregory J; Sampaio, Iracilda; Silbermayr, K; Silva, M B; Burger, Paul; Chair, H; Charruau, P C; Ciampi, A Y; Costet, L; DeBarro, Paul; Tero, N; Thum, Ryan A; Vinson, C C; Delatte, H; Dubois, Mark-Pierre; Eldridge, Mark; England, Phillip R; Enkhbileg, D; Fartek, B; Vorisono, Adam; Vossbrinck, Charles R; Walzer, C; Gardner, Michael George; Gray, Karen-Ann; Gunasekera, Rasanthi M; Hanley, Steven J; Havill, Nathan; White, Jason C; Wieczorek, Ania; Wright, Mark; Hereward, James; Hirase, Shot Aro; Hong, Yan; Jarne, Philippe; Jianfei, Qi; Johnson, Rebecca N; Kanno, Manami; Kikima, Akihiro; Kim, Hyun C; Kim, Kwan S; Kim, Woo-Jin; LaRue, Elizabeth; Lee, Jang W; Lee, Jeong-Ho; Li, Chunchong; Liao, Minghui; Lo, Nathan; Lowe, Andrew; Malusa, Thibault; Male, Pierre-Jean G; Marko, Michelle
Mar-2013Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci for Virola sebifera (Myristicaceae) Derived from Shotgun 454 PyrosequencingWei, N; Dick, C W; Lowe, A J; Gardner, Michael George
2009Restricted gene flow in the endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensis, in a fragmented agricultural landscapeBull, Christopher Michael; Smith, Annabel L; Fenner, Aaron; Gardner, Michael George
May-2012A shot in the genome: how accurately do shotgun 454 sequences represent a genome?Meglecz, E; Pech, N; Gilles, A; Martin, J; Gardner, Michael George
2008Tiliqua rugosa microsatellites: isolation via enrichment and characterisation of loci for multiplex PCR in T. rugosa and the endangered T. adelaidensisSmith, Annabel L; Dudaniec, Rachael; Gardner, Michael George; Saint, Kathleen M; Rheinberger, Leah; Sanchez, Juan J
2006Transmission mode and distribution of parasites among groups of the social lizard Egernia stokesiiGodfrey, Stephanie Susan; Bull, Christopher Michael; Murray, Kris; Gardner, Michael George
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