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2010Effectiveness of intermittent training in hypoxia combined with live high/train lowSaunders, Philo U; Pyne, David B; Anson, Judith M; Robertson, Eileen Y; Gore, Christopher J
2007The effect of acute simulated moderate altitude on power, performance and pacing strategies in well-trained cyclistsClark, Sally A; Bourdon, Pitre C; Schmidt, W; Gore, Christopher J; Aughey, R J; Singh, B; Gable, G; Onus, K J; Woolford, Sarah M; Stanef, T
2008The Effect of Intermittent Hypobaric Hypoxic Exposure and Sea Level Training on Submaximal Economy in Well Trained Swimmers and RunnersTownsend, Nathan E; Stray-Gundersen, James; Gore, Christopher J; Levine, Benjamin D; Truijens, Martin J; Rodriguez, Ferran A
2009Endurance training at altitudeGore, Christopher J; Pyne, David B; Saunders, Philo U
2005The energy cost of household and garden activities in 55- to 65- year-old malesGunn, Simon Mark; Brooks, Anthony; Withers, Robert Thomas; Gore, Christopher J; Plummer, John Lewis; Cormack, John
2008Gross cycling efficiency is not altered with and without toe-clipsGore, Christopher J; Ostler, Laura M; Betts, James A
2009Improved race performance in elite middle-distance runners after cumulative altitude exposureGore, Christopher J; Hahn, A G; Saunders, Philo U; Pyne, David B; Telford, Richard D
2009Improved running economy and increased hemoglobin mass in elite runners after extended moderate altitude exposureSaunders, Philo U; Telford, Richard D; Pyne, David B; Hahn, A G; Gore, Christopher J
2006Increased serum erythropoietin but not red cell production after 4 wk of intermittent hypobaric hypoxiaGore, Christopher J; Rodriquez, Ferran A; Truijens, Martin J; Townsend, Nathan E; Stray-Gundersen, James; Levine, Benjamin D
2008Live and/or sleep high:train low, using normobaric hypoxiaRichalet, Jean-Paul; Gore, Christopher J
2009Longitudinal changes in haemoglobin mass and VO2max in adolescentsEastwood, Annette; Bourdon, Pitre C; Withers, Robert Thomas; Gore, Christopher J
2004Measurement and prediction of energy expenditure in males during household and garden tasksGore, Christopher J; Withers, Robert Thomas; Gunn, Simon Mark; Van Der Ploeg, G E; Cormack, John; Bauman, A; Owen, N
2004Measurement and prediction of METs during household activities in 35-45-year-old femalesPlummer, John Lewis; Gore, Christopher J; Withers, Robert Thomas; Vogler, Andrew; Cormack, John; Brooks, Anthony
2007Nonhematological mechanisms of improved sea-level performance after hypoxic exposureGore, Christopher J; Clark, Sally A; Saunders, Philo U
2007Performance of runners and swimmers after four weeks of intermittent hypobaric hypoxic exposure plus sea level trainingRodriguez, Ferran A; Truijens, Martin J; Townsend, Nathan E; Stray-Gundersen, James; Gore, Christopher J; Levine, Benjamin D
2010Physiological responses to ergometer and on-water incremental rowing testsRice, Anthony; Gore, Christopher J; Vogler, Andrew
2008Practical precooling: Effect on cycling time trial performance in warm conditionsMartin, David T; Laursen, Paul B; Gardner, Andrew; Halson, Shona L; Marino, Frank E; Tate, Margaret P; Mainwaring, David E; Gore, Christopher J; Hahn, Allan G; Quod, Marc J
2005Predicting walking METs and energy expenditure from speed or accelerometryBrooks, Anthony; Gunn, Simon Mark; Withers, Robert Thomas; Gore, Christopher J; Plummer, John Lewis
2008Preparation for football competition at moderate to high altitudeGore, Christopher J; McSharry, P E; Hewitt, Adam; Saunders, Philo U
2010Reproducibility of performance changes to simulated live high/train low altitudeSaunders, Philo U; Gore, Christopher J; Robertson, E Y; Pyne, David B; Aughey, R J; Anson, J
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