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2005Activation of the SPHK/S1P signalling pathway is coupled to muscarinic receptor-dependent regulation of peripheral airwaysPfaff, Melanie; Powaga, Norbert; Akinci, Sibel; Schutz, Werner; Banno, Yoshiko; Wiegand, Silke; Kummer, Wolfgang; Wess, Jurgen; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor
2010Aquaporin-1 in blood vessels of rat circumventricular organsCarati, Colin John; Gannon, Brendan John; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Chataway, Timothy Kennion; Wilson, Alan John
2005Atrial and ventricular rat coronary arteries are differently supplied by noradrenergic, cholinergic and nitrergic, but not sensory nerve fibresSequeira, Indira M; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Kummer, Wolfgang
2003Circulating vascular progenitor cells do not contribute to compensatory lung growthVoswinckel, Robert; Ziegelhoeffer, Tibor; Heil, Matthias; Kostin, Sawa; Breier, Georg; Mehling, Tanja; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Clauss, Matthias; Gaumann, Andreas; Schaper, Wolfgang; Seeger, Werner
2006Coexpression and spatial association of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits alpha-7 and alpha-10 in rat sympathetic neuronsLips, Katrin S; Konig, Peter; Schatzle, Katrin; Pfeil, Uwe; Krasteva, Gabriela; Spies, Markus; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Grando, Sergei A; Kummer, Wolfgang
2005A conus peptide blocks nicotinic receptors of unmyelinated axons in human nervesLang, P; Burgstrahler, R; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Sippel, W; Grafe, P
2007Down-regulation of the non-neuronal acetylcholine synthesis and release machinery in acute allergic airway inflammation of rat and mouseLips, Katrin S; Luhrmann, Anke; Stoeger, Tobias; Alessandrini, Francesca; Grau, Veronika; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Koepsell, Hermann; Pabst, Reinhard; Kummer, Wolfgang; Tschernig, Thomas
2006Epithelial muscarinic M1 receptors contribute to carbachol-induced ion secretion in mouse colonHaberberger, Rainer Viktor; Schultheiss, Gerhard; Diener, Martin
2003Expression and distribution of the calcitonin receptor-like receptor in the developing rat heartDvorakova, Magdalena; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Hagner, S; McGregor, G P; Slavikova, Jana; Kummer, Wolfgang
2003Expression of the high-affinity choline transporter CHT1 in epitheliaPfeil, Uwe; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Lips, Katrin S; Eberling, Lars; Grau, Veronika; Kummer, Wolfgang
2003Expression of the high-affinity choline transporter CHT1 in rat and human arteriesLips, Katrin S; Pfeil, Uwe; Reiners, K; Rimasch, Christoph; Kuchelmeister, Klaus; Braun-Dullaeus, Ruediger C; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Schmidt, Rupert; Kummer, Wolfgang
2003Expression of the high-affinity choline transporter, CHT1, in the rat tracheaPfeil, Uwe; Lips, Katrin S; Eberling, Lars; Grau, Veronika; Kummer, Wolfgang; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor
2004Hypoxic increase in nitric oxide generation of rat sensory neurons requires activation of mitochondrial complex II and voltage-gated calcium channelsHenrich, M; Paddenberg, R; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Scholz, A; Gruss, M; Hempelmann, G; Kummer, Wolfgang
2003Immunohistochemical detection of the calcitonin receptor-like receptor protein in the microvasculature of rat endotheliumHagner, S; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Hay, D L; Facer, P; Reiners, K; Voigt, K H; McGregor, G P
2007Intermedin: a skin peptide that is downregulated in atopic dermatitisKindt, Friederike; Wiegand, Silke; Lser, Christoph; Nilles, Martin; Niemeier, Volker; Hsu, Sheau; Steinhoff, Martin; Kummer, Wolfgang; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor; Gieler, Uwe
2005Intermedin functions as a pituitary paracrine factor regulating prolactin releaseHaberberger, Rainer Viktor; Hsu, Sheau; Chang, Chia Lin; Roh, Jaesook; Park, Jae-il; Klein, Cynthia; Cushman, Nicole
2009Muscarinic receptor subtypes in cilia-driven transport and airway epithelial developmentWess, Jurgen; Lips, Katrin S; Klein, Maria; Hartmann, P; Faulhammer, Petra; Krain, Ben; Kummer, Wolfgang; Koenig, Peter; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor
2006Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors containing subunits alpha-3 and alpha-5 in rat nociceptive dorsal root ganglion neuronsSpies, Markus; Lips, Katrin S; Kurzen, Hjelmar; Kummer, Wolfgang; Haberberger, Rainer Viktor
2004Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes in nociceptive dorsal root ganglion neurons of the adult ratHaberberger, Rainer Viktor; Bernardini, Nadia; Kress, Michaela; Lips, Katrin S; Kummer, Wolfgang; Hartmann, P
2003Nicotinic receptor alpha 7-subunits are coupled to the stimulation of nitric oxide synthase in rat dorsal root ganglion neuronsHaberberger, Rainer Viktor; Henrich, M; Lips, Katrin S; Kummer, Wolfgang
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