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2010Airborne observations of the effect of a cold front on the aerosol particle size distribution and new particle formationHacker, Jorg Michael; Peter, Julian R; Siems, S T; Jensen, J B; Gras, J L; Ishizaka, Y
2004Anatomy of Cirrus Clouds: Results from the Emerald Airborne CampaignsHacker, Jorg Michael; Gallagher, M W; Connolly, P J; Whiteway, J; Flynn, M; Choularton, T W; Bower, K N; Cook, C; Aspey, R; Harries, J; Busen, R; May, P
2008Attempt to identify sources of atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide concentrations found in in situ aircraft measurements over Southern AustraliaHacker, Jorg Michael; Inoue, Gen; Saito, Ryu; Yokota, Tatsuya
2007Cliff-Ramp Patterns and Kelvin-Helmholtz Billows in Stably Stratified Shear Flow in the Upper Troposphere: Analysis of Aircraft MeasurementsHacker, Jorg Michael; Wroblewski, Donald E; Cote, Owen R; Dobosy, Ron J
2004Comparison of Aircraft and Ground-Based Flux Measurements during OASIS95Hacker, Jorg Michael; Isaac, P; Mcaneney, J; Leuning, R
2004Estimation of Regional Evapotranspiration by Combining Aircraft and Ground-Based MeasurementsHacker, Jorg Michael; Isaac, P; Cleugh, H A; Coppin, P A; Denmead, O T; Leuning, R; Raupach,
2007Evaluation of a new airborne microwave remote sensing radiometer by measuring the salinity gradients across the shelf of the Great Barrier Reef lagoonWang, Yonghong; Heron, M L; Prytz, A; Ridd, P V; Steinberg, C R; Hacker, Jorg Michael
2009Land use change suppresses precipitationJunkermann, W; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Lyons, T; Nair, Udaysankar
2006Low-Level Convergence Lines over Northeastern Australia. Part I: The North Australian Cloud LineGoler, Robert; Reeder, Michael J; Smith, Roger K; Richter, Harald; Arnup, Sarah; Keenan, Tom; May, Peter; Hacker, Jorg Michael
2007Modification of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer by a Small Island: Observations from NauruHare, Jeffrey; Matthews, Stuart; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Cole, Jason; Long, Charles; Reynolds, R Michael
2008The NAFE'05/CoSMOS data set: towards SMOS soil moisture retrieval, downscaling and assimilationMerlin, O; Kim, E; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Berger, Michael; Skou, Niels; Walker, Jeffrey; Kalma, J D; Panciera, R
2008The NAFE'06 data set: Towards soil moisture retrieval at intermediate resolutionKim, E; Young, R; Merlin, O; Summerell, Gregory; Hafeez, Mohsin; Jackson, T; Walker, Jeffrey; Panciera, R; Kalma, J D; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Hornbuckle, J
2007The National Airborne Field Experiment Data SetsDever, C; Walker, Jeffrey; Balling, J; Bell, M; Berg, A; Biasoni, D; Botha, E; Boulet, G; Chen, Y; Christen, E; deJeu, R; deRosnay, P; Fenollar, J; Hornbuckle, J; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Hansen, D; Holz, L; Hurkmans, R; Jackson, T; Hafeez, Mohsin; Hancock, G; Gomez, C; Grant, J P; Draper, C; Jones, P; Jones, S; Kalma, J D; Kerr, Y; Kim, E; Kuzmin, V; Lakshmi, V; Lopez, E; Maggioni, V; Berger, Michael; Maisongrande, P; Martinez, C; McKee, L; Merlin, O; Mladenova, I; O'Neill, P; Panciera, R; Paruscio, V; Pipunic, R; Rawls, W; Rinaldi, M; Rudiger, C; Saco, P; Saleh, K; Savstrup-Kristensen, S; Shoemark, V; Skou, Niels; Seobjaerg, S; Summerell, Gregory; Teuling, A J; Thompson, Helmut; Thyer, M; Toyra, J; Tsang, A; Wells, T; Wursteisen, P; Young, R; Johanson, J
2005An overview of the microphysical structure of cirrus clouds observed during EMERALD-1Gallagher, M W; Connolly, P J; Whiteway, J; Figueras-Nieto, D; Flynn, M; Choularton, T W; Bower, K N; Cook, C; Busen, G; Hacker, Jorg Michael
2006Prediction and observation of cloud processing of the aerosol size distribution by a band of cumulusPeter, J R; Siems, S T; Jensen, J B; Gras, J L; Ishizaka, Y; Hacker, Jorg Michael
2006Remote sensing estimates of actual evapotranspiration in an irrigation districtSavige, C L; French, A N; Western, A W; Walker, Jeffrey; Abuzar, M; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Kalma, J D
2004Spatial and Temporal Variations in Fluxes of Energy, Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide during OASIS 1994 & 1995Zeglelin, S; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Isaac, P; Cleugh, H A; Dunin, F X; Coppin, P A; Denmead, O T; Leuning, R; Raupach,
2003Structure and influence of tropical river plumes in the Great Barrier Reef: Application and performance of an airborne sea surface salinity mapperHacker, Jorg Michael; Burrage, D M; Heron, M L; Miller, J L; Prytz, A; Steinberg, C R; Stieglitz, T
2004Transition to Turbulence in Shear above the TropopauseHacker, Jorg Michael; Whiteway, J; Bradshaw, N G; Klaassen, G P
2010Velocity and Temperature Structure Functions in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere from High Resolution Aircraft MeasurementsWroblewski, Donald E; Cote, Owen R; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Dobosy, Ron J
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