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2009Bill morphology does not influence vocal performance in Darwin's small tree finch on Floreana islandKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Christensen, Rebekah
2009Biological networks: rainforests, coral reefs, and the Galapagos islandsMitchell, James Gordon; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2005Blood and intestinal parasitism in Darwin's finches: negative and positive findingsDudaniec, Rachael; Hallas, Gary; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2008Climate or host availability: what determines the seasonal abundance of ticks?Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Oorebeek, Margot
2007Distribution of the introduced parasitic fly Philornis downsi (Diptera, Muscidae) in the Galapagos IslandsFessl, Birgit; Wiedenfeld, David; Jimenez, Gustavo A; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Valarezo, Juan Carlos
2010Divergence in New Holland Honeyeaters (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae): evidence from morphology and feeding behaviourBrown, Geoffrey Philip; Myers, Steven; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2007The ecology of clutch size variation in Darwin's Small Ground Finch, Geospiza fuliginosa: Comparison between lowland and highland habitatsKleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2009Effects of salinity levels and seed mass on germination in Australian species of Frankenia L. (Frankeniaceae)Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Easton, Lyndlee Carol
2006Effects of the introduced ectoparasite Philornis downsi on haemoglobin level and nestling survival in Darwin's Small Ground Finch (Geospiza fuliginosa)Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Dudaniec, Rachael; Fessl, Birgit
2006Effects of the parasitic flies of the genus Philornis (Diptera: Muscidae) on birdsDudaniec, Rachael; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2006An experimental study on the effects of an introduced parasite in Darwin's finchesFessl, Birgit; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Tebbich, S
2010Extended parental care of fledglings: Parent birds adjust anti-predator response according to predator type and distanceKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Robertson, Graham Jeremy; Colombelli-Negrel, Diane; Sulloway, Frank
2009Genetic structure in ixodid ticks from Kangaroo Island and the South Australia mainlandKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Chapman, Thomas William; Oorebeek, Margot; Marando, Leslee Giulia
2008Genetic variation in the invasive avian parasite, Philornis downsi (Diptera, Muscidae) on the Galapagos archipelagoKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Gardner, Michael George; Dudaniec, Rachael; Donnellan, S C
2008Germination in two Australian species of Frankenia L., F. serpyllifolia Lindl. and F. foliosa J. M. Black (Frankeniaceae): Effects of seed mass, seed age, light, and temperatureKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Easton, Lyndlee Carol
2005High frequency of extra-pair fertilisations in the moustached warbler, a songbird with a variable breeding systemBlomqvist, Donald; Fessl, Birgit; Hoi, Herbert; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2009High levels of extra-pair paternity in Superb Fairy-wrens in South Australia despite low frequency of auxiliary malesKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Colombelli-Negrel, Diane; Schlotfeldt, Beth E
2006Increasing prevalence of avian poxvirus in Darwin's finches and its effect on male pairing successKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Dudaniec, Rachael
2004Infant handling and mortality in yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus): evidence for female competition?Wasser, S K; Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie
2008In superb fairy wrens (Malurus cyaneus), nuptial males have more blood parasites and higher haemoglobin concentration than eclipsed malesKleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Colombelli-Negrel, Diane
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