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2004Cancer-associated genes can affect somatic intrachromosomal recombination early in carcinogenesisHooker, Antony Michael; Tilley, Wayne Desmond; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Morley, Alexander Alan
2009Determining the repertoire of IGH gene rearrangements to develop molecular markers for minimal residual disease in B-lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemiaKuss, Bryone Jean; Venn, Nicola; Giles, Jodie E; Haber, M; Latham, Susan Elizabeth; Waters, Keith; Brisco, Michael; Malec, Maria; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Marshall, Glenn M.; Morley, Alexander Alan; Sutton, Rosemary; Hughes, Elizabeth; Wilczek, Vicki Jane; van Zanten, Katrina; Budgen, Bradley John; Bahar, Anita Y; Norris, Murray D
2006Effect of age on the repertoire of cytotoxic memory (CD8+CD45RO+) T cells in peripheral blood: The use of rearranged T cell receptor gamma genes as clonal markersDare, Raellene; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Morley, Alexander Alan; Brisco, Michael
2003Evidence for whole chromosome 6 loss and duplication of the remaining chromosome in acute lymphoblastic leukemiaFirgaira, F; McEvoy, C R E; Morley, Alexander Alan
2010Gene walking using sequential hybrid primer polymerase chain reactionBartley, Paul Anthony; Morley, Alexander Alan; Martin-Harris, Michael Henry
2003Importance of minimal residual disease testing during the second year of therapy for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemiaWaters, K; Webster, Boyd; Zhu, L; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Morley, Alexander Alan; Brisco, Michael; Chengyuan, X; Dalla Pozza, L; Ferrara, D; Haber, M; Kwan, E; Marshall, G M; Norris, M D
2010Incorporation of measurement of DNA integrity into qPCR assaysBrisco, Michael; Latham, Susan Elizabeth; Bartley, Paul Anthony; Morley, Alexander Alan
2004The linear no-threshold model does not hold for low-dose ionizing radiationHooker, Antony Michael; Swinburne, Sarah; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Lane, J M; Day, Tanya Kate; Morley, Alexander Alan; Bhat, Madhava
2004Mitochondrial mutations in acute leukemiaGrist, Scott Andrew; Lu, X; Morley, Alexander Alan
2003Mitotic recombination is an important mutational event following oxidative damageFirgaira, F; Holt, D A; Turner, David Richard; Morley, Alexander Alan; Dreimanis, Monica Alice
2003Modelling a minimal residual disease-based treatment strategy in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaMorley, Alexander Alan; Campbell, P J
2010Rapid isolation of translocation breakpoints in chronic myeloid and acute promyelocytic leukaemiaRoss, David Morrall; Bartley, Paul Anthony; Martin-Harris, Michael Henry; Budgen, Bradley John; Morley, Alexander Alan
2009Sensitive and specific measurement of minimal residual disease in acute lymphoblastic leukemiaVenn, Nicola; Hughes, Elizabeth; Wilczek, Vicki Jane; Budgen, Bradley John; van Zanten, Katrina; Kuss, Bryone Jean; Morley, Alexander Alan; Story, C; Waters, K; Norris, M D; Crock, Catherine; Latham, Susan Elizabeth; Brisco, Michael; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Sutton, Rosemary
2010Sensitive detection and quantification of minimal residual disease in chronic myeloid leukaemia using nested quantitative PCR for BCR-ABL DNARoss, David Morrall; Martin-Harris, Michael Henry; Budgen, Bradley John; Wilczek, Vicki Jane; Branford, S; Bartley, Paul Anthony; Latham, Susan Elizabeth; Hughes, Timothy P; Morley, Alexander Alan
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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