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2008Hasinamelissa: a new genus of allodapine bee from Madagascar revealed by larval morphology and DNA sequence dataChenoweth, Luke; Tierney, Simon M; Fuller, Susan J; Park, Yung Chul; Schwarz, Michael Philip
26-Jan-2007Host-driven diversification of gall-inducing Acacia thrips and the aridification of AustraliaMcLeish, Michael John; Chapman, Thomas William; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2007Host-driven diversification of gall-inducing Acacia thrips and the aridification of AustraliaMcLeish, Michael John; Chapman, Thomas William; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2006The impact of kleptoparasitic invasions on the evolution of gall-size in social and solitary Australian Acacia thripsChapman, Thomas William; Francis-Geyer, Karen Leah; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2006Intraspecific Molecular Phylogeny, Genetic Variation and Phylogeography of Reticulitermes speratus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)Park, Yung Chul; Kitade, Osamu; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Kim, Joo Pil; Kim, Won
2003Molecular phylogenetics of allodapine bees, with implications for the evolution of sociality and progressive rearingSchwarz, Michael Philip; Bull, N J; Cooper, Steven J B
2004Molecular phylogenetics of the allodapine bee genus Braunsapis: A-T bias and heterogeneous substitution parametersTierney, Simon M; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Bull, N J; Cooper, Steven J B
2006Molecular phylogenetics of the exoneurine Allodapine bees reveal an ancient and puzzling dispersal from Africa to AustraliaSchwarz, Michael Philip; Fuller, Susan J; Tierney, Simon M; Cooper, Steven J B
2007Molecular phylogeny of east Asian wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) inferred from mitochondrial 12S ribosomal DNAKim, Joo Pil; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Park, Yung Chul; Yoo, Jung-Sun; Murphy, Nicholas
2010Molecular phylogeny of the small carpenter bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Ceratinini) indicates early and rapid global dispersalRehan, Sandra M; Chapman, Thomas William; Craigie, Andrew Ian; Richards, Miriam H; Cooper, Steven J B; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2004Natural history and description of Oncothrips kinchega, a new species of gall-inducing thrips with soldiers (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidea)Wills, T; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Mound, L A; Chapman, Thomas William; Kranz,
2006Nesting biology of an African allodapine bee Braunsapis vitrea: female biased sex allocation in the absence of worker-like behavioural castesAenmey, Tracy K; Tierney, Simon M; Pillay, N; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2009New species and unexpected diversity of socially parasitic bees in the genus Inquilina Michener (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Apidae)Schwarz, Michael Philip; Smith, Jaclyn Amanda
2007Origins of social parasitism: the importance of divergence ages in phylogenetic studiesSchwarz, Michael Philip; Smith, Jaclyn Amanda; Tierney, Simon M; Park, Yung Chul; Fuller, Susan J
2007Parallel diversification of Australian gall-thrips on AcaciaSchwarz, Michael Philip; McLeish, Michael John; Crespi, B J; Chapman, Thomas William
2006Phylogenetic analyses of life history traits in allodapine bees and social evolutionSchwarz, Michael Philip; Tierney, Simon M; Chapman, Thomas William
2003Phylogenetic divergence of the Australian allodapine bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)Schwarz, Michael Philip; Bull, N J; Cooper, Steven J B
2008Phylogenetics of allodapine bees: a review of social evolution, parasitism and biogeographyTierney, Simon M; Smith, Jaclyn Amanda; Chenoweth, Luke; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2005Phylogenetics of the allodapine bee genus Braunsapis: historical biogeography and long-range dispersal over waterFuller, Susan J; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Tierney, Simon M
2004Proclivity and effectiveness in gall defence by soldiers in five species of gall-inducing thrips: benefits of morphological caste dimorphism in two species (Kladothrips intermedius and K. habrus)Perry, S P; Schwarz, Michael Philip; Chapman, Thomas William; Crespi, B J
Showing results 11 to 30 of 43
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