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Dec-2011Localization of the sensory neurons and mechanoreceptors required for stretch-evoked colonic migrating motor complexes in mouse colonZagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; Spencer, Nicholas John
15-Jun-2012Loss of responsiveness of circular smooth muscle cells from the guinea pig ileum is associated with changes in gap junction couplingCarbone, Simona; Wattchow, David Anthony; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brookes, Simon Jonathan
2011Loss of visceral pain following colorectal distension in an endothelin-3 deficient mouse model of Hirschsprung's diseaseZagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; Kyloh, Melinda; Nicholas, Sarah J; Peiris, Heshan; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Chen, Bao Nan; Spencer, Nicholas John
Nov-2011Measurement of Muscular Activity Associated With Peristalsis in the Human Gut Using Fiber Bragg Grating ArraysArkwright, John W; Blenman, Neil G; Underhill, Ian D.; Maunder, SA; Spencer, Nicholas John; Costa, Marcello; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Szczesniak, M; Dinning, Phillip
2010Measurement of the longitudinal and circumferential muscular activity associated with peristalsis using a single fibre grating arrayCosta, Marcello; Szczesniak, M M; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brooks, Joanne Maree; Arkwright, John; Blenman, N G; Underhill, I D; Maunder, S D; Dinning, Philip G
2007The mechanism and spread of pacemaker activity through myenteric interstitial cells of cajal in human small intestineFleming, Neal W; Ward, Sean M; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Keef, Kathleen D; Hennig, Grant; Spencer, Nicholas John
2004Mechanosensory S-neurons rather than AH-neurons appear to generate a rhythmic motor pattern in guinea-pig distal colonSpencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K
2009Mechanotransduction and chemosensitivity of two major classes of bladder afferents with endings in the vicinity to the urotheliumSpencer, Nicholas John; Gregory, Sarah Jane; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Zagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich
2003Migrating motor complexes do not require electrical slow waves in the mouse small intestineSpencer, Nicholas John; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K
Jan-2015Neurally mediated propagating discrete clustered contractions superimposed on myogenic ripples in ex vivo segments of human ileumKuizenga, Meryl H; Sia, TC; Dodds, Kelsi N; Wiklendt, Lukasz; Arkwright, John W; Thomas, A; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Spencer, Nicholas John; Wattchow, David Anthony; Dinning, Phillip; Costa, Marcello
Nov-2013Neurogenic and myogenic motor activity in the colon of the guinea pig, mouse, rabbit, and ratCosta, Marcello; Dodds, Kelsi N; Wiklendt, Lucasz; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Dinning, Phillip
Jul-2012Neurogenic and myogenic motor patterns of rabbit proximal, mid, and distal colonDinning, Phillip; Costa, Marcello; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Spencer, Nicholas John
Mar-2014A novel anterograde neuronal tracing technique to selectively label spinal afferent nerve endings that encode noxious and innocuous stimuli in visceral organs.Kyloh, Melinda; Spencer, Nicholas John
2010Peristalsis and fecal pellet propulsion do not require nicotinic, purinergic, 5-HT3, or NK3 receptors in isolated guinea pig distal colonNicholas, Sarah Jane; Spencer, Nicholas John
Dec-2013Peristalsis and propulsion of colonic content can occur after blockade of major neuroneuronal and neuromuscular transmitters in isolated guinea pig colonSia, TC; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Dinning, Phillip; Wattchow, David Anthony; Spencer, Nicholas John
2008Polarized intrinsic neural reflexes in response to colonic elongationSpencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K; Heredia, Dante J; Dickson, Eamonn J; Hennig, Grant; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Bayguinov, Peter O
2009Potentiation of a functional autoantibody in narcolepsy by a cholinesterase inhibitorSpencer, Nicholas John; Reed, Joanne Helen; Jackson, Michael W; Smith, Anthony John Francis; Gordon, Thomas Paul
Oct-2013The presence of 5-HT in myenteric varicosities is not due to uptake of 5-HT released from the mucosa during dissection: use of a novel method for quantifying 5-HT immunoreactivity in myenteric gangliaKeating, Damien John; Peiris, Heshan; Kyloh, Melinda; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Spencer, Nicholas John
2007Recent advances in enteric neurobiology: multiple sensory interneurons.Spencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K; Hennig, Grant; Dickson, Eamonn J
2010Release of 5-Hydroxytryptamine From the Mucosa Is Not Required for the Generation or Propagation of Colonic Migrating Motor ComplexesSpencer, Nicholas John; Keating, Damien John
Showing results 25 to 44 of 53
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