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2005Altered body composition and metabolism in the male offspring of high fat-fed ratsBuckley, A; Keseru, B; Briody, J; Thompson, Martin W; Ozanne, S; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2013Analysing homogenous patient journeys to assess quality of care for patients admitted outside of their ‘home-ward’Perimal-Lewis, Lua; Qin, Shaowen; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Hakendorf, Paul Haylett
2008Associates of change in liver fat content in the morbidly obese after laparoscopic gastric banding surgeryPhillips, Madeleine Lucy; Boase, S J; Wahlroos, Sara; Dugar, M; Kow, Lilian; Stahl, Jurgen; Slavotinek, John Paul; Toouli, James; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Valentine, Robin
2006Change in liver size and fat content after treatment with Optifast very low calorie dietPhillips, Madeleine Lucy; Slavotinek, John Paul; Kow, Lilian; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Toouli, James; Lewis, Mark C
2006Compression garments and recovery from eccentric exercise: A 31P-MRS studyTrenell, Michael I; Rooney, Kieron B; Sue, Carolyn M; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2006Creatine supplementation does not enhance submaximal aerobic training adaptations in healthy young men and womenReardon, T F; Ruell, P A; Fiatarone Singh, M A; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Rooney, Kieron B
2005The early effects of weight loss surgery on regional adiposityPhillips, Madeleine Lucy; Lewis, Mark C; Chew, V; Kow, Lilian; Slavotinek, John Paul; Daniels, Lynne Allison; Toouli, James; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Valentine, Robin
2006Effect of short-term starvation versus high-fat diet on intramyocellular triglyceride accumulation and insulin resistance in physically fit menJohnson, Nathan A; Stannard, Stephen R; Rowlands, David S; Chapman, Phillip G; Thompson, Campbell Henry; O'Connor, Helen; Sachinwalla, Toos; Thompson, Martin W
2006Exercise capacity and quadriceps muscle metabolism following training in subjects with COPDMcKeough, Zoe J; Alison, Jennifer A; Bye, Peter T P; Trenell, Michael I; Sachinwalla, Toos; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Kemp, Graham J
2012Gaining insight from patient journey data using process-oriented analysis approachPerimal-Lewis, Lua; Qin, Shaowen; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Hakendorf, Paul Haylett
2007Influence of constant positive airway pressure therapy on lipid storage, muscle metabolism and insulin action in obese patients with severe obstructive sleep apnoea syndromeTrenell, Michael I; Ward, J; Yee, B J; Phillips, C L; Kemp, Graham J; Grunstein, R R; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2003Insulin action, regional fat, and myocyte lipid: altered relationships with increased adiposityThompson, Campbell Henry; Chisolm, D J; Furler, S M; Gan, S K; Campbell, L V; Kraegen, E W; Kriketos, A D; Poynten, A M
2006The interrelation of birth weight and regional lipid deposition: a twins studyHng, Tien-Ming; McLean, Mark; Cheung, Wah; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2008Noninvasive assessment of hepatic lipid composition: advancing understanding and management of fatty liver disordersJohnson, Nathan A; Walton, David; Sachinwalla, Toos; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Smith, Kate; Ruell, P A; Stannard, Stephen R; George, Jacob
2010Outcomes of establishing an acute assessment unit in the general medical service of a tertiary teaching hospitalThompson, Campbell Henry; Roberts, Susan; Bennett, Denise; O'Brien, Laurie; Hakendorf, Paul Haylett; Ben-Tovim, David Isaac; Phillips, Paddy Andrew; Li, Jordan; Yong, Tuck Yean
2007Rapid significant weight loss and regional lipid deposition: implications for insulin sensitivityWahlroos, Sara; Phillips, Madeleine Lucy; Kow, Lilian; Toouli, James; Slavotinek, John Paul; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Valentine, Robin; Lewis, Mark C
24-Dec-2012The relationship between in-hospital location and outcomes of care in patients of a large general medical servicePerimal-Lewis, Lua; Li, Jordan Y; Hakendorf, Paul Haylett; Ben-Tovim, David Isaac; Qin, Shaowen; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2006Short-term suppression of plasma free fatty acids fails to improve insulin sensitivity when intramyocellular lipid is elevatedThompson, Campbell Henry; Sachinwalla, Toos; Thompson, Martin W; Johnson, Nathan A; Stannard, Stephen R; Rowlands, David S; Chapman, Phillip G
2010Stability of plasma creatinine concentrations in acute complex long-stay admissions to a general medical serviceHakendorf, Paul Haylett; Siriwardane, D; Woodman, Richard John; Martin, J; White, Graham Henderson; Ben-Tovim, David Isaac; Thompson, Campbell Henry
2007Supplemental oxygen and muscle metabolism in mitochondrial myopathy patientsTrenell, Michael I; Sue, Carolyn M; Thompson, Campbell Henry; Kemp, Graham J
Showing results 3 to 22 of 22
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