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2006Adsorption of bisphosphonate onto hydroxyapatite using a novel co-precipitation technique for bone growthDutta, Naba K; Smart, Roger; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; McLeod, Kate; Anderson, Gail Irene; Sekel, Ron; Kumar, Sunil
2009Advanced Substrate Fabrication for Cell MicroarraysThissen, Helmut Werner; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Hook, Andrew Leslie
2009Advances in telemetric continuous intraocular pressure assessmentKakaday, Tarun; Hewitt, Alex W; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Li, Jim Siu; Craig, Jamie
2007AFM Nanoindentations of Diatom Biosilica SurfacesLosic, Dusan; Short, Ken; Mitchell, James Gordon; Lal, Ratnesh; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2010AFM study of the interaction of cytochrome P450 2C9 with phospholipid bilayersMiners, John Oliver; Lewis, Benjamin Cavell; Sykes, Matthew James; Shapter, Joseph George; Nussio, Matthew Robert; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2005Annular alpha-synuclein oligomers are potentially toxic agents in alpha-synucleinopathy. HypothesisPountney, D; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Gai, Wei Ping
2004Annular alpha-Synuclein Species from Purified Multiple System Atrophy InclusionsVickers, J C; Pountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Lowe, Rachel Davida; Quilty, M C
2007Application of nanostructured biochips for efficient cell transfection microarraysVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Hook, Andrew Leslie; Hayes, Jason; Akkamsetty, Yamini; Thissen, Helmut Werner
2007Atomic force microscopy (AFM) characterisation of the porous silica nanostructure of two centric diatomsLosic, Dusan; Pillar, Rachel Joanne; Dilger, Thorsten; Mitchell, James Gordon; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2004A Biochip for Cell Transfection AssaysThissen, Helmut Werner; Szili, Endre; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Hayes, Jason
2009The biocompatibility of porous silicon in tissues of the eyeVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Williams, Keryn Anne; Low, Suet Peng; Canham, Leigh T
2006Biosensing Using Lipid Bilayers Suspended on Porous SiliconWorsfold, Oliver; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Nishiya, Takako
2004Calcium(II) selecticely induces alpha-synuclein annular oligomers via interaction with the C-terminal domainPountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Lowe, Rachel Davida; Jensen, Poul Henning
2010Carbon Nanotubes Anchored to Silicon for Device FabricationShearer, Cameron; Ellis, Amanda Vera; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Shapter, Joseph George; Constantopoulos, Kristina Teresa
2010Carbon nanotubes initiate the explosion of porous siliconShapter, Joseph George; Malec, Christopher David; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Ellis, Amanda Vera
2008Catalyzed oxidative corrosion of porous silicon used as an optical transducer for ligand-receptor interactionsVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Alfonso, Ignacio; Ghadiri, M Reza
2010Cell Microarrays for the Screening of Factors That Allow the Enrichment of Bovine Testicular CellsAnglin, Emily Jessica; Davey, Rhonda; Pasic, Paul; Hor, Maryam; Fenech, Michael; Thissen, Helmut Werner; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Herrid, Muren; Hope, Shelly; Kurkuri, Mahaveer Dandin
2006Characterisation of porous silicon/poly(L-lactide) composites prepared using surface initiated ring opening polymerisationMcInnes, Steven James; Thissen, Helmut Werner; Choudhury, Namita R; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2010Chemically Grafted Carbon Nanotube Surface Coverage GradientsShearer, Cameron James; Shapter, Joseph George; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Ellis, Amanda Vera
2005Co-deposition of a biphosphonate with hydroxyapatite for improved implant fixationMcLeod, Kate; Smart, Roger; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Sekel, Ron; Kumar, Sunil; Anderson, Gail Irene; Dutta, Naba K
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