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2005Alpha B-crystallin is a major component of glial cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophyHuang, Yue; Treweek, T; Chataway, Timothy Kennion; Pountney, D; Chegini, Fariba; Blumbergs, Peter C; Raftery, M; Gai, Wei Ping
2003Alpha-Synuclein expression localizes to the Golgi appparatus in bovine adrenal medullary chromaffin cellsTompkins, M M; Gai, Wei Ping; Douglas, S; Bunn, S J
2004Alpha-Synuclein filaments bind the transcriptional regulator HMGB-1Martin, David J; Lindersson, Evo; Hojrup, Peter; Gai, Wei Ping; Locker, D; Jensen, Poul Henning
2006Alpha-synuclein is upregulated in neurones in response to chronic oxidative stress and is associated with neuroprotectionQuilty, M C; King, A E; Gai, Wei Ping; Pountney, D; West, A K; Vickers, J C; Dickson, Tracey C
2005Annular alpha-synuclein oligomers are potentially toxic agents in alpha-synucleinopathy. HypothesisPountney, D; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Gai, Wei Ping
2004Annular alpha-Synuclein Species from Purified Multiple System Atrophy InclusionsVickers, J C; Pountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Lowe, Rachel Davida; Quilty, M C
2003a-Synuclein fibrils constitute the central core of oligodendroglial inclusion filaments in multiple system atrophyPower, John Henry; Pountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Jensen, Poul Henning; Blumbergs, Peter C; Culvenor, J G; Li, Q X; McLean, C A
2004Calcium(II) selecticely induces alpha-synuclein annular oligomers via interaction with the C-terminal domainPountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Lowe, Rachel Davida; Jensen, Poul Henning
2014Can BACE1 inhibition mitigate early axonal pathology in neurological diseases?Yan, X X; Ma, C; Gai, Wei Ping; Cai, H; Luo, X G
2015Correspondence - Brain banking as a cornerstone of neuroscience in ChinaYan, Xiao-Xin; Ma, Chao; Bao, Ai-Min; Wang, Xiao-Min; Gai, Wei Ping
2008Differential localization of GABAA receptor subunits within the substantia nigra of the human brain: an immunohistochemical studyGai, Wei Ping; Rees, M I; Faull, R LM; Mohler, H; Waldvogel, H J; Baer, K; Gilbert, R T
2014Dipeptidyl Peptidase 10 (DPP10789): A Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Associated Protein Is Abnormally Expressed in Alzheimer’s and Other Neurodegenerative DiseasesChen, Tong; Gai, Wei Ping; Abbott, Catherine Anne
2004Dominantly-inherited adult-onset leukodystrophy with palatal tremor caused by a mutation in the glial fibrillary acidic protein geneGai, Wei Ping; Thyagarajan, Dominic; Chataway, Timothy Kennion; Brenner, M; Li, R
25-Jan-2013FAS-dependent cell death in a-synuclein transgenic oligodendrocyte models of multiple system atrophyKragh, Christine L; Fillon, Gwenaelle; Gysbers, Amanda; Hansen, Hanne D; Neumann, Manuela; Richter-Landsberg, Christiane; Haass, Christian; Zalc, Bernard; Lubetzki, Catherine; Gai, Wei Ping; Halliday, Glenda M; Kahle, Philipp J; Jensen, Poul H
6-Feb-2015Identification of Synaptosomal Proteins Binding to Monomeric and Oligomeric α-SynucleinBetzer, C; Movius, A. James; Shi, Min; Gai, Wei Ping; Zhang, Jing; Jensen, P H
2003Idiopathic Parkinson's disease: possible routes by which vulnerable neuronal types may be subject to neuroinvasion by an unknown pathogenTredici, K D; Gai, Wei Ping; Braak, H; Rub, U
2013Increased SUMO-1 expression in the unilateral rotenone-lesioned mouse model of Parkinson's diseaseWeetman, J; Wong, M B; Sharry, S; Rcom-H'cheo-Gauthier, A; Gai, Wei Ping; Meedeniya, A; Pountney, D L
2005Insoluble alpha-synuclein in Alzheimer's disease without lewy body formationHalliday, Glenda M; Broe, Melissa; Shepherd, Claire E; Mann, David B; Milward, Elizabeth A; Gai, Wei Ping; Thiel, Emma
2003Localization of a-, b-, and g- synuclein during neuronal development and alterations associated with the neuronal response to axonal traumaVickers, J C; West, A K; Pountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Quilty, M C
2008LRRK2 and parkin immunoreactivity in multiple system atrophy inclusionsGai, Wei Ping; Huang, Yue; Song, Y-J C; Halliday, Glenda M; Murphy, Karen; Holton, Janice L; Lashley, Tammaryn; Revesz, Tamas
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