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2007Activation of neural circuitry and Ca2 waves in longitudinal and circular muscle during CMMCs and the consequences of rectal aganglionosis in miceSpencer, Nicholas John; Bayguinov, Peter O; Hennig, Grant; Park, Kyu Joo; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K
2007An enteric occult reflex underlies accommodation and slow transit in the distal large bowelDickson, Eamonn J; Smith, Terence K; Spencer, Nicholas John; Hennig, Grant; Bayguinov, Peter O; Ren, Jim; Heredia, Dante J
2008Identification of capsaicin-sensitive rectal mechanoreceptors activated by rectal distension in miceSpencer, Nicholas John; Singer, C A; Hennig, Grant; McDonnell, Orla; Kerrin, Aoife; Gerthoffer, W T
2008Identification of functional intramuscular rectal mechanoreceptors in aganglionic rectal smooth muscle from piebald lethal miceHennig, Grant; Muto, Melodie; Zagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; McDonnell, Orla; Kerrin, Aoife; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Spencer, Nicholas John
2005Mechanical activation of rectal intraganglionic laminar endings in the guinea pig distal gutLynn, Penelope Ann; Zagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; Hennig, Grant; Costa, Marcello; Brookes, Simon Jonathan
2007The mechanism and spread of pacemaker activity through myenteric interstitial cells of cajal in human small intestineFleming, Neal W; Ward, Sean M; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Keef, Kathleen D; Hennig, Grant; Spencer, Nicholas John
2010Non-peristaltic patterns of motor activity in the guinea-pig proximal colonHennig, Grant; Gregory, Sarah Jane; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Costa, Marcello
2008Polarized intrinsic neural reflexes in response to colonic elongationSpencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K; Heredia, Dante J; Dickson, Eamonn J; Hennig, Grant; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Bayguinov, Peter O
2007Recent advances in enteric neurobiology: multiple sensory interneurons.Spencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K; Hennig, Grant; Dickson, Eamonn J
2006Sensory elements within the circular muscle are essential for mechanotransduction of ongoing peristaltic reflex activity in guinea-pig distal colonSpencer, Nicholas John; Dickson, Eamonn J; Hennig, Grant; Smith, Terence K
2007Septal interstitial cells of cajal conduct pacemaker activity to excite muscle bundles in human jejunumLee, Hyun-Tai; Spencer, Nicholas John; Ward, Sean M; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K; Hennig, Grant; Fleming, Neal W; Keef, Kathleen D
2003A smooth muscle tone-dependent stretch-activated migrating motor pattern in isolated guinea-pig distal colonOliver, Gavin R; Hennig, Grant; O'Shea, Deirdre M; Vanden Berghe, Pieter; Kang, Sok Han; Spencer, Nicholas John; Smith, Terence K
2006Spatial and temporal mapping of pacemaker activity in interstitial cells of Cajal in mouse ileum in situPark, Kyu Joo; Hennig, Grant; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Spencer, Nicholas John; Ward, Sean M; Smith, Terence K; Sanders, Kenton M
2003Stretch-activated neuronal pathways to longitudinal and circular muscle in guinea pig distal colonSmith, Terence K; Spencer, Nicholas John; Hennig, Grant
2005Synchronization of enteric neuronal firing during the murine colonic MMCSpencer, Nicholas John; Hennig, Grant; Dickson, Eamonn J; Smith, Terence K
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