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2004Ab initio calculations of stationary points on the benzene-Ar and p-difluorobenzene-Ar potential energy surfaces: barriers to bound orbiting statesLawrance, Warren Donald; Moulds, Rebecca Jane; Buntine, Mark A
2008Anomalous behaviour in NO-Ar () photodissociation near threshold: A significant contribution from thermally populated statesLawrance, Warren Donald; Holmes-Ross, Heather Lynn
2011The binding energies of NO–Rg (Rg = He, Ne, Ar) determined by velocity map imagingHolmes-Ross, Heather Lynn; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2003The binding energy of Ar to p-difluorobenzene-Ar: How large are three-body effects in p-difluorobenzene-Ar2?Lawrance, Warren Donald; Bellm, Susan
2005Bound orbiting states of benzene-Ar and evidence for reversible intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution within the complexSampson, Rebecca K; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2003The dissociation energy of the benzene-Ar van der Waals complex determined by velocity map imagingSampson, Rebecca K; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2010The dissociation of NO–Ar(A) from around threshold to 200 cm−1 above thresholdHolmes-Ross, Heather Lynn; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2007Dissociation of the NO-CH4 van der Waals complex: Binding energy and correlated motion of the molecular fragmentsWright, Daniel Steven; Holmes-Ross, Heather Lynn; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2008An (e,2e) coincidence study of formic acid monomer and dimerBrunger, Michael James; Saha, Saumitra; Euripides, Peter; Nixon, Kate Louise; Lawrance, Warren Donald; Jones, Darryl Bruce; Wang, Feng
2008Electron momentum spectroscopy in the study of intermolecular interactionsNixon, Kate Louise; Lawrance, Warren Donald; Brunger, Michael James
2012Intermolecular vibrations of fluorobenzene-Ar up to 130 cm-1 in the ground electronic stateGascooke, Jason; Alexander, Ula N; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2009Measuring the internal energy content of molecules transported across the liquid-gas interfaceMaselli, Olivia J; Gascooke, Jason; Lawrance, Warren Donald; Buntine, Mark A
2-Apr-2013Methyl rotor dependent vibrational interactions in tolueneGascooke, Jason; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2003The partitioning of energy amongst vibration, rotation and translation during the dissociation of p-difluorobenzene-Ar neutral and cation complexesLawrance, Warren Donald; Bellm, Susan
2003Rate constants for the gas-phase reactions of germylene with CH3OCH3, CH3OH, CD3OD and D2O at ambient temperatureLawrance, Warren Donald; Alexander, Ula N; King, K D
2005Recoil energy distributions for dissociation of the van der Waals molecule p-difluorobenzene-Ar with 450-3000 cm(-1) excess energyBellm, Susan; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2003Relaxation of the 61 Vibrational Level in 1B2u Benzene by Polyatomic Colliders at Ultralow TemperaturesWaclawik, Eric R; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2004The role of angular momentum in collision-induced vibration-rotation relaxation in polyatomicsWaclawik, Eric R; Lawrance, Warren Donald; McCaffery, Anthony; Marsh, R J; Osbourne, M A
2003Rotational changes accompanying vibrational transfer in low energy collisions between benzene and H2, D2 and CH4Waclawik, Eric R; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2005Rotational distributions following van der Waals molecule dissociation: Comparison between experiment and theory for benzene-ArSampson, Rebecca K; Bellm, Susan; McCaffery, Anthony; Lawrance, Warren Donald
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30
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