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2006Butterfly communities in South Australia urban reserves: estimating abundance and diversity using the Pollard walkCollier, Neil; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Benkendorff, Kirsten; Austin, Andrew D; Carthew, S M
2007Combining distance of ballistic and ant seed dispersal in Adriana quadripartitaBeaumont, Kieren P; Whalen, Molly Ann; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2009Combining distances of ballistic and myrmecochorous seed dispersal in Adriana quadripartita (Euphorbiaceae)Beaumont, Kieren P; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Whalen, Molly Ann
2004Comparisons of upper thermal tolerances between the invasive Argentine ant (Hymentoptera: Formicidae), and two native Australian ant speciesWalters, Anne; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2010Competitive effects of Phragmites australis on the endangered artesian spring endemic Eriocaulon carsonii.Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Davies, Richard Jean-Pierre; Whalen, Molly Ann
2010Contemporary habitat loss reduces genetic diversity in an ecologically specialized butterflyBenkendorff, Kirsten; Adams, Mark Andrew; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Gardner, Michael George; McMahon, Clive; Collier, Neil
2008Environmental factors influencing daily foraging activity of Vespula germanica (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in Mediterranean AustraliaReeson, A F; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Austin, Andrew D; Kasper, M L
2009An experimental study of the impacts of cattle on spider communities of artesian springs in South AustraliaMackay, Duncan Alexander; Kavac, K J
2009An experimental study of the pollination biology of the perennial halophyte Frankenia pauciflora var. gunnii (Frankeniaceae) in a South Australian salt marsh.Whalen, Molly Ann; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2003An experimental study of the relative humidity preference and survival of the Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Hymenoptera, Formicidae): comparisons with a native Iridomyrmex species in South AustraliaWalters, Anne; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2007Geographic variation in extrafloral nectaries in the ant-associated plant genus Adriana (Euphorbiaceae) and its relationship to water availabilityWhalen, Molly Ann; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2004Human disturbance and stride frequency in the sleepy lizard (Tiliqua rugosa): implications for behaviour studiesKerr, Gregory Dale; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Bull, Christopher Michael
2005The importance of large colony size for successful invasion by Argentine ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): evidence for biotic resistance by native antsWalters, Anne; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2008Is relative abundance a good predictor of population size?: evidence from fragmented populations of a specialist butterfly (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).Benkendorff, Kirsten; Collier, Neil; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2010Macroinvertebrate Sampling Methodology in Deep Instream Pools: A Comparison of MethodsWhalen, Molly Ann; Green, Douglas Jamieson; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2006Morphological variation and phylogenetic relationships within Eucalyptus series Subulatae (Myrtaceae) of southern AustraliaNicolle, Dean; Whalen, Molly Ann; Mackay, Duncan Alexander
2007Resolution of the taxonomy of Eriocaulon (Eriocaulaceae) taxa endemic to Australian mound springs, using morphometrics and AFLP markers.Cheong, Judy P-E; Leach, Gregory L; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Craigie, Andrew Ian; Whalen, Molly Ann; Davies, Richard Jean-Pierre
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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