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2009Abdominal compression increases upper airway collapsibility during sleep in obese male obstructive sleep apnea patientsThompson, C; Sprecher, KE; Thomson, Kieron J; Ryan, Melissa Kate; Catcheside, Peter G; Stadler, Daniel L; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas
2010Alcohol Alters Sensory Processing to Respiratory Stimuli in Healthy Men and Women During WakefulnessEckert, Danny J; Elgar, Nathan; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Catcheside, Peter G
25-Apr-2013Ambulatory models of care for obstructive sleep apnea: diagnosis and managementChai-Coetzer, Ching Li; Antic, Nicholas Alexander; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas
2009Arousal in obstructive sleep apnoea patients is associated with ECG RR and QT interval shortening and PR interval lengtheningCatcheside, Peter G; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Baumert, Mathias; Smith, JH; Nalivaiko, Eugene
2007Cardiac changes during arousals from non-REM sleep in healthy volunteersCatcheside, Peter G; Adams, Amanda M; Jordan, Amy S; Eckert, Danny J; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Nalivaiko, Eugene
2007Central sleep apnea on commencement of continuous positive airway pressure in patients with a primary diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopneaAntic, Nicholas Alexander; Catcheside, Peter G; Mercer, Jeremy; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Lehman, Sam; Thompson, Courtney Cie
2010Changes in lung volume and diaphragm muscle activity at sleep onset in obese obstructive sleep apnea patients versus healthy-weight controlsStadler, D L; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Bradley, Jana; Paul, Denzil; Catcheside, Peter G
2004Changes in Respiration in NREM sleep in hypercapnic chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseO'Donoghue, Fergal James; Catcheside, Peter G; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Eckert, Danny J
2010Diagnostic accuracy of a questionnaire and simple home monitoring device in detecting obstructive sleep apnea in a high cardiovascular risk Chinese populationHuang, Shao-Guang; Anderson, Craig; Wang, Jiguang; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Wong, Keith; Heeley, Emma; Cui, Ping; Gantner, D; Ge, Ji-Yong; Li, Li-Hua; Antic, Nicholas Alexander; Windler, S
2009Effects of alcohol and sleep restriction on simulated driving performance in untreated patients with obstructive sleep apneaMcEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Baulk, S D; Dorrian, J; Vakulin, A; Catcheside, Peter G; Antic, Nicholas Alexander; Van den Heuvel, C J
2008Effects of hypoxia on genioglossus and scalene reflex responses to brief pulses of negative upper-airway pressure during wakefulness and sleep in healthy malesEckert, Danny J; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; George, K; Thomson, Kieron J; Catcheside, Peter G
2007The effects of hypoxia on load compensation during sustained incremental resistive loading in patients with obstructive sleep apneaHlavac, Michael C; Adams, Amanda M; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Catcheside, Peter G; Eckert, Danny J
2007Effects of moderate sleep deprivation and low-dose alcohol on driving simulator performance and perception in young menVan den Heuvel, C J; Banks, Siobhan; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Vakulin, A; Baulk, S D; Catcheside, Peter G; Anderson, R W G
2004Factors associated with the maintenance of wakefulness test mean sleep latency in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea and normal subjectsTarquinio, N; Lack, Leon Colburn; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Banks, Siobhan; Barnes, M; Pierce, R J
2004A functional autoantibody in human narcolepsyNeufing, Petra; Gordon, Thomas Paul; Jackson, Michael W; Smith, Anthony John Francis; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas
2007Genioglossus reflex inhibition to upper-airway negative-pressure stimuli during wakefullness and sleep in healthy malesEckert, Danny J; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; George, K; Thomson, Kieron J; Catcheside, Peter G
2006Hypoxia impairs the arousal response to external resistive loading and airway occlusion during sleepCatcheside, Peter G; McDonald, Rachel; Eckert, Danny J; Windler, Samantha; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Hlavac, Michael C
2004Low levels of alcohol impair driving simulator performance and reduce perception of crash risk in partially sleep deprived subjectsCatcheside, Peter G; Lack, Leon Colburn; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Grunstein, R R; Banks, Siobhan
2005The maintenance of wakefulness test and driving simulator performanceBanks, Siobhan; Catcheside, Peter G; Lack, Leon Colburn; Grunstein, R R; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas
2004The maintenance of wakefulness test in normal, healthy subjectsLack, Leon Colburn; McEvoy, Ronald Douglas; Banks, Siobhan; Barnes, M; Pierce, R J; Tarquinio, N
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