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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adaptive Data-dependent Matrix Norm based Gaussian Kernel for Facial Feature ExtractionHo, Jiun-Huei; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Chu, Shu-Chuan; Li, Jun-Bao
2004Ant colony system with communication strategiesRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2004Constrained ant colony optimization for data clusteringRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Su, C-J
2004A digital image watermarking method based on labeled bisecting clustering algorithmRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Lu, Z-M
2010An Effective Image Enhancement Method for Electronic Portal ImagesHung, Mao-Hsiung; Chu, S-C; Shieh, C-S; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Roddick, John Francis
2002Efficient search approaches for K-medoids-based algorithmsChu, S-C; Roddick, John Francis; Chen, Tsong-Yi; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2009Enhanced Artificial Bee Colony OptimizationPan, Jeng-Shyang; Liao, Bin-Yih; Chu, S-C; Tsai, Pei-Wei
2010An Extensible Particles Swarm Optimization for Energy-Effective Cluster Management of Underwater Sensor NetworksChu, Shu-Chuan; Horng, Mong-Fong; Chen, Yi-Tin; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Liao, Bin-Yih
2004Hadamard transform based Equal-average Equal-variance Equal-norm nearest neighbor codeword search algorithmRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Abebe, Degu Berhanu; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Lu, Z-M
2007Hadamard Transform Based Fast Codeword Search Algorithm for High-dimensional VQ EncodingLu, Zhe-Ming; Chu, Shu-Chuan; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2008Improved search strategies and extensions to k-medoids-based clustering algorithmsPan, Jeng-Shyang; Roddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C
2008Kernel Class-Wise Locality Preserving ProjectionPan, Jeng-Shyang; Chu, Shu-Chuan; Li, Jun-Bao
2007New Search Strategies and New Derived Inequality for Efficient K-Medoids-Based AlgorithmsChiang, C; Chu, S-C; Roddick, John Francis; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2004Novel multi-centroid, multi-run sampling schemes for K-mediods-based algorithmsRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2003Parallel ant colony systemsRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Su, C-J
2005A Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Communication StrategiesChang, Jui-Fang; Roddick, John Francis; Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Chu, S-C
2010Power Reduction of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Ant Colony OptimizationPan, Jeng-Shyang; Roddick, John Francis; Hung, Mao-Hsiung; Shih, Hong-Chi; Chu, Shu-Chuan
2010Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Relation of Three PixelsJain, Lakhmi C.; Chu, Shu-Chuan; Weng, Shaowei; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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