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2008Age constraints on Pleistocene megafauna at Tight Entrance Cave in southwestern AustraliaJones, Rhys; Cresswell, Richard G; Roberts, Richard Graham; Prideaux, Gavin John; Ayliffe, Linda K; Gully, Grant A; Bird, Michael I; Grun, Rainer; Fifield, L Keith
7-Jul-2011Application of sedimentary and chronological analyses to refine the depositional context of a Late Pleistocene vertebrate deposit, Naracoorte, South AustraliaMacken, Amy Claire; Jankowski, Nathan R; Price, Gilbert J; Bestland, Erick Anthony; Reed, Elizabeth Helen; Prideaux, Gavin John; Roberts, Richard Graham
2007An arid-adapted middle Pleistocene vertebrate fauna from south-central AustraliaLong, John A; Ayliffe, Linda K; Hellstrom, John C; Pillans, Brad; Boles, Walter E; Hutchinson, Mark; Roberts, Richard Graham; Cupper, Matthew L; Arnold, Lee J; Devine, Paul D; Warburton, Natalie M; Prideaux, Gavin John
2010An Australian land mammal age biochronological schemeMegirian, Dirk; Murray, Peter; Smit, Neil; Prideaux, Gavin John
2009Bohra nullarbora sp. nov., a second tree-kangaroo (Marsupialia: Macropodidae) from the Pleistocene of the Nullarbor Plain, Western AustraliaWarburton, Natalie M; Prideaux, Gavin John
2009Extinction implications of a chenopod browse diet for a giant Pleistocene kangarooAyliffe, Linda K; DeSantis, Larisa R.G.; Schubert, Blaine W; Prideaux, Gavin John; Murray, P; Gagan, Michael; Cerling, Thure E
2004Extinctions of herbivorous mammals in the late Pleistocene of Australia in relation to their feeding ecology: No evidence for environmental change as cause of extinctionJohnson, C N; Prideaux, Gavin John
2010Functional pedal morphology of the extinct tree-kangaroo Bohra (Diprotodontia: Macropodidae)Warburton, Natalie M; Prideaux, Gavin John
2007Mammalian responses to Pleistocene climate change in southeastern AustraliaRoberts, Richard Graham; Megirian, Dirk; Westaway, Kira E; Hellstrom, John C; Olley, Jon M; Prideaux, Gavin John
2006Mid-Pleistocene vertebrate records: AustraliaPrideaux, Gavin John
2008A new Pleistocene tree-kangaroo (Diprotodontia: Macropodidae) from the Nullarbor Plain of south-central AustraliaWarburton, Natalie M; Prideaux, Gavin John
2010An osteology-based appraisal of the phylogeny and evolution of kangaroos and wallabies (Macropodidae, Marsupialia)Prideaux, Gavin John; Warburton, Natalie M
2006Pliocene and earlier pleistocene marsupial evolution in southeastern AustraliaTedford, Richard H; Wells, Roderick Tucker; Prideaux, Gavin John
2004Systematics and evolution of the sthenurine kangarooPrideaux, Gavin John
2010Timing and dynamics of Late-Pleistocene mammal extinctions in southwestern AustraliaPrideaux, Gavin John; Ayliffe, Linda K; Jacobs, Zenobia; Roberts, Richard Graham; Hellstrom, John C; Gagan, Michael; Hatcher, Lindsay M; Jankowski, Nathan R; Gully, Grant A; Couzens, Aidan Michael Christopher
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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