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2006Axonal transport of BDNF precursor in primary sensory neuronsSong, Xingyun; Luo, Xue-Gang; Rush, Robert Archer; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Wu, Linyan; Zhong, Jin Hua; Wang, Hui
2008CD 271 (p75 neurotrophin receptor)Zola, Heddy; Rush, Robert Archer; Beare, Alice; Rogers, Mary-Louise
2008Characterization and use of the NSC-34 cell line for study of neurotrophin receptor traffickingRogers, Mary-Louise; Rush, Robert Archer; Matusica, Dusan; Fenech, Matthew
2006Choroid plexus transplants in the treatment of brain diseasesSkinner, Stephen JM; Geaney, Marilyn; Rush, Robert Archer; Emerich, Dwaine F; Thanos, Christopher G; Vanconcellos, Alfred V; Tan, Paul LJ; Elliott, Robert B; Rogers, Mary-Louise
2006Functional monoclonal antibodies to p75 neurotrophin receptor raised in knockout miceMatusica, Dusan; MacArdle, Peter James; Rush, Robert Archer; Rogers, Mary-Louise; Atmosukarto, Ines; Berhanu, Degu A
2006GDNF gene delivery via the the P75NTR receptor rescues injured motor neuronsBarati, Shahram; Hurtado, Plinio R; Zhang, Shu H; Tinsley, Rogan B; Ferguson, Ian Andrew; Rush, Robert Archer
2008Graft of pre-injured sural nerve promotes regeneration of corticospinal tract and functional recovery in rats with chronic spinal cord injuryZhou, Xin-Fu; Feng, Shi-Qing; Rush, Robert Archer; Ferguson, Ian Andrew
2009The human G93A-Superoxide dismutase-1 mutation, mitochondrial glutathione and apoptotic cell deathHutson, Peter G; Rogers, Mary-Louise; Rush, Robert Archer; Matusica, Dusan; Muyderman, Hakan Christer
2004Improved non-viral transfection of glial and adult neural stem cell lines and of primary astrocytes by combining agents with complementary modes of actionTinsley, Rogan B; Ferguson, Ian Andrew; Vesey, Melanie J; Barati, Shahram; Rush, Robert Archer
2010Isolation and enrichment of embryonic mouse motoneurons from the lumbar spinal cord of individual mouse embryosDrepper, Carsten; Jablonka, Sibylle; Klausmeyer, Alice; Wiese, Stefan; Rush, Robert Archer; Herrmann, Thomas; Funk, Natalia; Sendtner, Michael; Rogers, Mary-Louise
2010ProNGF mediates death of Natural Killer cells through activation of the p75NTR-sortilin complexMacArdle, Peter James; Rush, Robert Archer; Bailey, Sheree; Zola, Heddy; Matusica, Dusan; Neet, Kenneth E; Pagadala, Promila C; Muyderman, Hakan Christer; Nicholson, I; Rogers, Mary-Louise
2004Target-derived and locally derived neurotrophins support retinal ganglion cell survival in the neonatal rat retinaRush, Robert Archer; Harvey, A R; Spalding, K L
2008Targeted silencing of TrkA expression in rat forebrain neurons via the p75 receptorRush, Robert Archer; Berhanu, Degu A
2006Use of engineered peripheral nerve autografts for spinal cord repairTinsley, Rogan B; Zhang, Shu Hua; Feng, Shi-Qing; Rush, Robert Archer; Ferguson, Ian Andrew
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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