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Aug-20135-HT3 and 5-HT4 antagonists inhibit peristaltic contractions in guinea-pig distal colon by mechanisms independent of endogenous 5-HTSia, TC; Whiting, Malcolm John; Kyloh, Melinda; Nicholas, Sarah J; Oliver, John Reginald; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Dinning, Phillip; Wattchow, David Anthony; Spencer, Nicholas John
2007Activation of neural circuitry and Ca2 waves in longitudinal and circular muscle during CMMCs and the consequences of rectal aganglionosis in miceSpencer, Nicholas John; Bayguinov, Peter O; Hennig, Grant; Park, Kyu Joo; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Sanders, Kenton M; Smith, Terence K
2006Anatomic modifications in the enteric nervous system of piebald mice and physiological consequences to colonic motor activityHwang, Sung Jin; Muto, Melodie; Ro, Seungil; Jewett, William Keith; Spencer, Nicholas John
1-May-2013Ascending excitatory neural pathways modulate slow phasic myogenic contractions in the isolated human colonCarbone, Simona; Dinning, Phil G; Costa, Marcello; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Wattchow, David Anthony
17-Apr-2013By what mechanism does ondansetron inhibit colonic migrating motor complexes: does it require endogenous serotonin in the gut wall?Spencer, Nicholas John; Nicholas, Sarah J; Sia, TC; Staikopoulos, V; Kyloh, Melinda; Beckett, EA
Oct-2013Characteristics of colonic migrating motor complexes in neuronal NOS (nNOS) knockout miceSpencer, Nicholas John
Jan-2012Characterization of motor patterns in isolated human colon: are there differences in patients with slow-transit constipation?Spencer, Nicholas John; Kyloh, Melinda; Wattchow, David Anthony; Thomas, Anthony; Sia, TC; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Nicholas, Sarah J
Jul-2014Characterization of primary afferent spinal innervation of mouse uterusHerweijer, Geraldine; Kyloh, Melinda; Beckett, EA; Dodds, Kelsi N; Spencer, Nicholas John
2003Characterization of properties underlying rhythmicity in mouse portal veinSpencer, Nicholas John; Greenwood, Iain A
May-2014Control of intrinsic pacemaker frequency and velocity of colonic migrating motor complexes in mouseBarnes, Kyra J; Beckett, EA; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Sia, TC; Spencer, Nicholas John
10-Dec-2012The effect of luminal content and rate of occlusion on the interpretation of colonic manometryArkwright, John W; Dickson, A; Maunder, SA; Blenman, NG; Lim, J; O'Grady, G; Archer, R; Costa, Marcello; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Pullan, AJ; Dinning, Phil G
2006Effects of aging on Ca2+ signaling in murine mesenteric arterial smooth muscle cellsdel Corsso, Cristiane; Ostrovskaya, Olga; McAllister, Claire E; Wilson, Sean M; Murray, Keith; Hatton, William J; Gurney, Alison M; Spencer, Nicholas John
2007An enteric occult reflex underlies accommodation and slow transit in the distal large bowelDickson, Eamonn J; Smith, Terence K; Spencer, Nicholas John; Hennig, Grant; Bayguinov, Peter O; Ren, Jim; Heredia, Dante J
11-Apr-2013An experimental method to identify neurogenic and myogenic active mechanical states of intestinal motilityCosta, Marcello; Wiklendt, Lukasz; Arkwright, John W; Spencer, Nicholas John; Omari, Taher; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Dinning, Phil G
Brookes_ExtPrimaryAFfs_Rev_fig1 (2).jpg.jpg26-Feb-2013Extrinsic primary afferent signalling in the gutBrookes, Simon Jonathan; Spencer, Nicholas John; Costa, Marcello; Zagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich
1-Aug-2012Firing patterns and functional roles of different classes of spinal afferents in rectal nerves during colonic migrating motor complexes in mouse colonZagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; Kyloh, Melinda; Brookes, Simon Jonathan; Nicholas, Sarah J; Spencer, Nicholas John
2010ICC-MY coordinate smooth muscle electrical and mechanical activity in the murine small intestineHennig, G W; Spencer, Nicholas John; Lee, Hyun-Tai; Ritchie, L; Ward, S M; Smith, T K; Sanders, Kenton M; Jokela-Willis, S; Bayguinov, Peter O
6-Dec-2012Identification and mechanosensitivity of viscerofugal neuronsHibberd, TJ; Zagorodnyuk, Vladimir Petrovich; Spencer, Nicholas John; Brookes, Simon Jonathan
2008Identification of capsaicin-sensitive rectal mechanoreceptors activated by rectal distension in miceSpencer, Nicholas John; Singer, C A; Hennig, Grant; McDonnell, Orla; Kerrin, Aoife; Gerthoffer, W T
Nov-2014Identification of Different Types of Spinal Afferent Nerve Endings That Encode Noxious and Innocuous Stimuli in the Large Intestine Using a Novel Anterograde Tracing TechniqueSpencer, Nicholas John; Kyloh, Melinda; Duffield, Michael
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