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2008Association of a nicotinic receptor mutation with reduced height and blunted physostigmine-stimulated growth hormone releaseWilloughby, John Osborne; Fedi, Marco; Bach, Leon A; Berkovic, Samuel F; Scheffer, Ingrid E; Reutens, David C
2008Cell swelling precedes seizures induced by inhibition of astrocytic metabolismWilloughby, John Osborne; Pope, Kenneth; Broberg, I Marita; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Olsson, Torsten; Nilsson, Michael
2006Cell swelling, seizures and spreading depression: an impedance studyOlsson, Torsten; Broberg, I Marita; Pope, Kenneth; Wallace, Angus Keith; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Blomstrand, F; Nilsson, M; Willoughby, John Osborne
2004Cognitive tasks augment gamma EEG powerPope, Kenneth; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Willoughby, John Osborne; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Clark, Christopher Richard
28Effects of anesthetic agents on seizure-induction with intra-cortical injection of convulsantsHunfeld, M; Pope, Kenneth; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Willoughby, John Osborne; Broberg, I Marita
2003Epilepsy examined using non-linear analysis of EEGPope, Kenneth; Willoughby, John Osborne; Wallace, Angus Keith; Mackenzie, Lorraine
2003Fluorocitrate-mediated astroglial dysfunction causes seizures.Willoughby, John Osborne; Nilsson, M; Thoren, Anna E; Sims, Neil Raymond; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Medvedev, A; Broberg, I Marita
2005Gamma rhythms are not integral to EEG spindle phenomenaMackenzie, Lorraine; Pope, Kenneth; Willoughby, John Osborne
2005Localised astroglial dysfunction disrupts high-freguency EEG rhythmsWilloughby, John Osborne; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Pope, Kenneth; Broberg, I Marita; Nilsson, Michael
2003Mental tasks induce Gamma EEG with reduced responsiveness in primary generalized epilepsiesPope, Kenneth; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Wilcox, Robert Arthur; Willoughby, John Osborne; Mackenzie, Lorraine; Clark, Christopher Richard; Davey, M P
2003Nicotine as an antiepileptic agent in ADNFLE: an N-of-one studyPope, Kenneth; Willoughby, John Osborne; Eaton, Vaughn
2003Persistent abnormality detected in the non-ictal electroencephalogram in primary generalised epilepsyMackenzie, Lorraine; Davey, M P; Pope, Kenneth; Wilcox, Robert Arthur; Willoughby, John Osborne; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Medvedev, A; Clark, Christopher Richard
2004Physiological and pathological spindling phenomena have similar regional EEG power distributionsPope, Kenneth; Willoughby, John Osborne; Mackenzie, Lorraine
2007Preseizure increased gamma electroencephalographic activity has no effect on extracellular potassium or calciumPope, Kenneth; Wallace, Angus Keith; Wilson, Jodie; Willoughby, John Osborne; Broberg, I Marita; Nilsson, Michael
2007Scalp electrical recording during paralysis: Quantitative evidence that EEG frequencies above 20 Hz are contaminated by EMGWilloughby, John Osborne; Fronsko, Richard Ronald; Wallace, Angus Keith; Whitham, Emma Mary; Pope, Kenneth; Clark, Christopher Richard; Loveless, Stephen James; Broberg, I Marita; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Lillie, Peter; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Hardy, Andrew; Pulbrook, Alyson
Jan-2013Surface Laplacian of Central Scalp Electrical Signals is Insensitive to Muscle ContaminationFitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Lewis, Trent; Powers, David Martin; Whitham, Emma Mary; Willoughby, John Osborne; Pope, Kennith
2008Thinking activates EMG in scalp electrical recordingsPope, Kenneth; Whitham, Emma Mary; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Loveless, Stephen James; Clark, Christopher Richard; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Wallace, Angus Keith; Broberg, I Marita; Willoughby, John Osborne
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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