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2005Absence of acute apoptotic response to genotoxic carcinogens in p53-deficient mice is associated with increased susceptibility to azoxymethane-induced colon tumoursHu, Ying; Le Leu, Richard Kevin; Young, Graeme Paul
1-Oct-2013Accumulation of promutagenic DNA adducts in the mouse distal colon after consumption of heme does not induce colonic neoplasms in the western diet model of spontaneous colorectal cancerWinter, Jean; Young, Graeme Paul; Hu, Ying; Gratz, Silvia W; Conlon, Michael A; Le Leu, Richard Kevin
2007Achieving long-term compliance with colonoscopic surveillance guidelines for patients at increased risk of colorectal cancer in AustraliaBampton, Peter Alexander; Sandford, Jayne Judith; Young, Graeme Paul
2007An advance notification letter increases participation in colorectal cancer screeningEsterman, Adrian Jeffrey; Cole, Stephen Russell; Smith, Alicia Therese; Turnbull, Deborah; Young, Graeme Paul; Wilson, Carlene
Sep-2013Ambivalence and its influence on participation and non-participation in screening for colorectal cancerOster, C; Zajac, I; Flight, I; Hart, E; Turnbull, D; Wilson, Carlene; Young, Graeme Paul
2006Amylase-resistant starch as adjunct to oral rehydration therapy in children with diarrheaYoung, Graeme Paul; Binder, Henry J; Raghupathy, P; Ramakrishna, Balakrishnan S; Oommen, Samuel P; Ahmed, Mir S; Priyaa, G; Dziura, James
2009Analysis of families with Lynch syndrome complicated by advanced serrated neoplasia : the importance of pathology review and pedigree analysisWoods, Michael O; Parry, Susan; Jass, Jeremy R; Ruszkiewicz, Andrew R; George, Jillian; Suthers, Graeme; Young, Graeme Paul; Walters, Rhiannon; Roberts, Aedan; Drini, Musa; Clendenning, Mark; Jenkins, Mark; Hopper, John L; Goldblatt, Jack; Phillips, Kerry; Buchanan, Daniel D; McKeone, Diane; Arnold, Sven; Young, Joanne; Walsh, Michael; Macrae, F A
2010Anti-mutagenic lichen extract has double-edged effect on azoxymethane-induced colorectal oncogenesis in C57BL/6J miceHe, X; Hu, Ying; Winter, Jean; Young, Graeme Paul
2008Asia Pacific consensus recommendations for colorectal cancer screeningSung, J J Y; Lau, J Y W; Young, Graeme Paul; Chiu, Han-mo; Byeon, Jeong-Sik; Yeoh, Khay-guan; Goh, Khean-Lee; Sollano, Jose; Rerknimitr, Rungsun; Matsuda, T; Wu, Kai-chun; Ng, Simon; Sano, Yasushi; Leung, Suet-yi; Makharia, Govind; Chong, Vui Heng; Brooks, Durado; Lieberman, David A; Chan, F K L; Ho, Ken K Y
Mar-2014Behavioural and demographic predictors of adherence to three consecutive faecal occult blood test screening opportunities: a population studyDuncan, A; Turnbull, D; Wilson, Carlene; Osborne, J; Cole, S; Flight, I; Young, Graeme Paul
2008Bioavailability of selenium from selenium-enriched milk assessed in the artificially reared neonatal pigUglietta, R; Doyle, P T; Walker, G P; Heard, J W; Leddin, C M; Stockdale, C R; Young, Graeme Paul; Dunshea, F R; McIntosh, Graeme Howie
May-2014CAHM, a long non-coding RNA gene hypermethylated in colorectal neoplasiapedersen, Susanne K; Mitchell, SM; Graham, LD; McEvoy, Aidan; Thomas, Melissa; Baker, RT; Ross, JP; Xu, Zheng-Zhou; Ho, T; LaPointe, Lawrence C; Young, Graeme Paul; Molloy, peter L
2011Colorectal cancer screening in rural and remote areas: analysis of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia.Martini, Angelita; Javanparast, Sara; Ward, Paul Russell; Baratiny, Genevieve; Gill, Tiffany; Cole, Stephen Russell; Tsourtos, George; Aylward, Paul; Jiwa, Moyez; Misan, Gary; Wilson, Carlene; Young, Graeme Paul
Jun-2014Colorectal Cancer Survival: An Analysis of Patients With Metastatic Disease Synchronous and Metachronous With the Primary TumorKumar, Rajiv; Price, Timothy J; Beeke, Carol; Jain, Kunal; Patel, Gargi; Padbury, Robert; Young, Graeme Paul; Roder, David; Townsend, A; Bishnoi, S; Karapetis, Christos Stelios
23-May-2013Combination of selenium and green tea improves the efficacy of chemoprevention in a rat colorectal cancer model by modulating genetic and epigenetic biomarkersHu, Ying; McIntosh, Graeme H; Le Leu, Richard Kevin; Nyskohus, Laura S; Woodman, Richard J; Young, Graeme Paul
2013Comparing the effects of COX and non-COX-inhibiting NSAIDs on enhancement of apoptosis and inhibition of aberrant crypt foci formation in a rat colorectal cancer modelMartin, Jonathan E; Young, Graeme Paul; Le Leu, Richard Kevin; Hu, Ying
2006Comparison of a brush-sampling fecal immunochemical test for hemoglobin with a sensitive guaiac-based fecal occult blood test in detection of colorectal neoplasiaSmith, Alicia Therese; Young, Graeme Paul; Cole, Stephen Russell; Bampton, Peter Alexander
2010A cross-sectional analysis of participation in National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Adelaide by age, gender and geographical location of residenceAylward, Paul; Ah Matt, Michelle Lorraine; Martini, Angelita; Baratiny, Genevieve; Javanparast, Sara; Ward, Paul Russell; Young, Graeme Paul; Jiwa, Moyez; Mison, Gary; Tsourtos, George; Wilson, Carlene; Cole, Stephen Russell; Gill, Tiffany
2010A cross-sectional analysis of participation in National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Adelaide by age, gender and geographical location of residenceJavanparast, Sara; Ward, Paul Russell; Cole, Stephen Russell; Gill, Tiffany; Ah Matt, Michelle; Aylward, Paul; Baratiny, Genevieve; Jiwa, Moyez; Martini, Angelita; Misan, Gary; Tsourtos, George; Wilson, Carlene; Young, Graeme Paul
2007Defective acute apoptotic response to genotoxic carcinogen in small intestine of APC(Min/+) mice is restored by sulindacYoung, Graeme Paul; Hu, Ying; Le Leu, Richard Kevin
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