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2005Actions of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on spinal nociceptive transmission during inflammation in the ratMatayoshi, Satoru; Jiang, Nan; Katafuchi, Toshihiko; Koga, Kohei; Furue, Hidemasa; Yasaka, Toshiharu; Nakatsuka, Terumasa; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Kawasaki, Yasuhiko; Tanaka, Nobuyuki; Yoshimura, Megumu
2006Axonal transport of BDNF precursor in primary sensory neuronsSong, Xingyun; Luo, Xue-Gang; Rush, Robert Archer; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Wu, Linyan; Zhong, Jin Hua; Wang, Hui
2005Differential effects of endogenous brain-derived neurotrophic factor on the survival of axotomized sensory neurons in dorsal root ganglia: A possible role for the P75 neurotrophin receptorZhou, Xin-Fu; Zhong, Jin Hua; Mi, Jing Xian; Xian, Cory J; Zhou, F; Li, W; Wu, Linyan
2008Differential effects of pro-BDNF on sensory neurons after sciatic nerve transection in neonatal ratsZhou, Xin-Fu; Wang, Yan Jiang; Fan, Yongjun; Wu, Linyan; Li, HongYun
2004Distribution and localization of pro-brain-derived neurotrophic factor-like immunoreactivity in the peripheral and central nervous systemZhong, Jin Hua; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Zhou, F; Song, Xingyun; Johnson, Stephen Michael; Barati, Shahram
2007Edaravone neuroprotection effected by suppressing the gene expression of the Fas signal pathway following transient focal ischemia in ratsTian, Fa-fa; Xiao, Bo; Hu, Yue-Qiang; Wu, Zhi-Guo; Mujlli, Hadi M; Ding, Ling; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Bi, Fang-Fang
2006Effects of electro-acupuncture on the expression of c-jun and c-fos in spared dorsal root ganglion and associated spinal laminae folowing removal of adjacent dorsal root ganglia in catsWang, T T-H; Yuan, W-L; Ke, Q; Song, X-B; Zhou, X; Kang, Y; Zhang, H T; Lin, Y; Hu, Y-L; Feng, Z-T; Wu, Linyan; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2004EGF family of growth factors: essential roles and functional redundancy in the nerve systemXian, Cory J; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2008Expression and localization of Fas-associated proteins following focal cerebral ischemia in ratsXiao, Bo; Hu, Yue-Qiang; Tian, Fa-fa; Wu, Zhi-Guo; Ding, Ling; Bi, Fang-Fang; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2008Graft of pre-injured sural nerve promotes regeneration of corticospinal tract and functional recovery in rats with chronic spinal cord injuryZhou, Xin-Fu; Feng, Shi-Qing; Rush, Robert Archer; Ferguson, Ian Andrew
2009Intramuscular delivery of a single chain antibody gene reduces brain Abeta burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseWang, Yan Jiang; Zhong, Jin Hua; Dong, X Y; Wu, Xiao-Bing; Pollard, Anthony N; Zhou, Hua-Dong; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2007Isolation and characterization of neural crest progenitors from adult dorsal root gangliaSay, Evonne Hwee Min; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Li, HongYun
2006Knockout of p75NTR impairs re-myelination of injured sciatic nerve in miceSong, Xingyun; Zhou, Fiona H-H; Zhong, Jin Hua; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Wu, Linyan
2003Lumbar 5 ventral root transection-induced upregulation of nerve growth factor in sensory neurons and their target tissues: a mechanism in neuropathic painZhong, Jin Hua; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Xian, Cory J; Li, Li
2005A Novel Superporous Agarose Medium for High-Speed Protein ChromatographyShi, Qing-Hong; Sun, Yan; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2008Peripherally-derived BDNF promotes regeneration of ascending sensory neurons after spinal cord injuryLi, Fang; Zhang, Feng-He; Zhong, Jin Hua; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Song, Xingyun
2008Potential conversion of adult clavicle-derived chondrocytes into neural lineage cells in vitroZhou, Xin-Fu; Li, HongYun
2007Primary sensory neuron addition in the adult rat trigeminal ganglion: Evidence for neural crest glio-neuronal precursor maturationLagares, Alfonso; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Avendano, Carlos; Li, HongYun
2003Protective effects of adenoviral cardiotrophin-1 gene transfer on rubrospinal neurons after spinal cord injury in adult ratsZhang, Zheng-Feng; Liao, Wei-Hong; Yang, Qing-Feng; Wu, Ya-Min; Zhou, Xin-Fu; Li, HongYun
2007Roles of glial p75NTR in axonal regenerationZhou, Xin-Fu; Li, HongYun
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