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2005Activity of surface active substances determined from their surface excessAndersson, Gunther; Krebs, Thomas; Morgner, Harald
2007Ambient temperature RAFT polymerization of acrylic acid initiated with ultraviolet radiation in aqueous solutionPan, Eh Hau; Barner, Leonie; Muthukrishnan, Sharmila; Davis, Thomas P; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Stenzel, Martina H; Lewis, David Andrew
2006The analytical quality of point-of-care testing in the 'QAAMS' model for diabetes management in Australian Aboriginal medical servicesShephard, Mark Douglas; Gill, Janice P
2005Angle resolved ion scattering spectroscopy at surfaces of pure liquids: topography and orientation of moleculesAndersson, Gunther
2005Angle resolved ion scattering spectroscopy reveals the local topography around atoms in a liquid surfaceAndersson, Gunther; Krebs, Thomas; Morgner, Harald
2006Applied tracer tests in fractured rock: can we predict natural gradient solute transport more accurately than fracture and matrix parameters?Weatherill, Douglas; Cook, Peter G; Simmons, Craig Trevor; Robinson, Neville Ian
2003Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Glucose Oxidase Using Chemically Modified TipsLosic, Dusan; Shapter, Joseph George; Gooding, John Justin; Short, Ken
2005Capsules, cages and three-dimensional hosts: Self-assembly of complementary monomersJohnston, Martin Ross; Latter, Melissa J
2006Characterization of sensory neuron subpopulations selectively expressing green fluorescent protein in phosphodiesterase 1C BAC transgenic miceTorsney, Carole; Anderson, Rebecca Louise; Ryce-Paul, Kerry-Anne L; MacDermott, A B
2005Complex gold nanostructures derived by templating from diatom frustulesLosic, Dusan; Mitchell, James Gordon; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2003Conformation of (-)-membrenone-CPerkins, Michael Victor; Taylor, Max Ronald; Sampson, Rebecca K
2004A convenient synthesis of 2-substituted thiazole-5-carboxylatesPrager, Rolf Herman; Fong, M; Taylor, Max Ronald; Janowski, W K
2005Critical appraisal of salting-out and its implications for chemical and biological sciencesRyall, Rosemary Lyons; Grover, Kumar Kumar
2006Cultural and clinical effectiveness of the 'QAAMS' point-of-care testing model for diabetes management in Australian Aboriginal medical servicesShephard, Mark Douglas
2007Development of a Tolerable Daily Intake for N-Nitrosodimethylamine Using a Modified Benchmark Dose MethodologyFitzgerald, Dean James; Robinson, Neville Ian
2007Direct attachment of well-aligned single-walled carbon nanotube architectures to silicon (100) surfaces: a simple approach for device assemblyQuinton, Jamie Scott; Yu, Jingxian; Shapter, Joseph George; Johnston, Martin Ross; Beattie, David A
2003The dissociation energy of the benzene-Ar van der Waals complex determined by velocity map imagingSampson, Rebecca K; Lawrance, Warren Donald
2003DNA-based photonic logic gates: AND, NAND and INHIBITVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Ghadiri, M Reza; Mcguckian, K; Saghatelian, Alan
2003(E)-1-(2,3,6-Trimethylphenyl)buta-1,3-diene: A Potent Grape-Derived Odorant in WinePerkins, Michael Victor; Puglisi, Carolyn; Cox, Agnieszka; Elsey, Gordon Michael; Capone, Dimitra; Sefton, Mark
2003Effect of Amphetamine Precursors and By-Products on Soil Enzymes of Two Urban SoilsPerkins, Michael Victor; Cox, Agnieszka; Scott, T; Megharaj, M; Kirkbride, P; Naidu, R
Showing results 1 to 20 of 77
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