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2004Age and origin of Terra Rossa soils in the Coonawarra area of South AustraliaMee, A; Bestland, Erick Anthony; Spooner, Nigel A
2008Canopy blockage and scattering effects on apparent soil spectral reflectance and its consequence in spectral mixture analysis of vegetated surfacesGuan, Huade; Xie, Hongjie; Zhu, M.
2006Characterisation of sea-water intrusion in the Pioneer Valley, Australia using hydrochemistry and three-dimensional numerical modellingWerner, Adrian D; Gallagher, Mark R
2005The Compleat Darcy: New Lessons Learned from the First Translation of Les Fontaines Publiques de la Ville de DijonSharp, John M; Simmons, Craig Trevor
2008Decadal fluctuations in North Atlantic water inflow in the North Sea between 1958-2003: impacts on temperature and phytoplankton populationsLeterme, Sophie Catherine; Pingree, R D; Skogen, Morten D.; Seuront, Laurent; Reid, Philip; Attrill, Martin
2008Discretizing the Fracture-Matrix Interface to Simulate Solute TransportWeatherill, Douglas; Graf, Thomas; Simmons, Craig Trevor; Cook, Peter G; Therrien, Rene; Reynolds, D A
2006Ecohydrology of root zone water fluxes and soil development in complex semiarid rangelandsGutierrez-Jurado, Hugo A; Vivoni, Enrique R; Bruce, J; Guan, Huade; Harrison, J
2006Extracting statistics of groundwater behaviour from MODFLOW/MODHMS simulationsWerner, Adrian D; Weeks, Scott W; Gallagher, Mark R; Durick, Andrew M.; Bajracharya, Kiran
2003Field evaluation of the effectiveness of surfactant modified zeolite and iron-oxide-coated sand for removing viruses and bacteria from groundwaterSchulze-Mukuch, Dirk; Bowman, R S; Pillai, Suresh D; Guan, Huade
2004The identification of Enigmatic Coastlines on Early MapsRichardson, W A R
2008The impact of turbulence and phytoplankton dynamics on foam formation, seawater viscosity and chlorophyll concentration in the eastern English ChannelLeterme, Sophie Catherine; Kesaulya, Irma; Mitchell, James Gordon; Seuront, Laurent
2005Isotope evolution and contribution to geochemical investigations in aquifer storage and recovery: a coast study using reclaimed water at Bolivar, South AustraliaLe Gal La Salle, Corinne; Vanderzalm, J; Hutson, John Leslie; Pavelic, Paul; Martin, R; Dillon, Peter J
2004Late Oligocene Kangaroo Well Local Fauna from the Ulta Limestone (new name), and the climate of the miocene oscillation across central Australiavon der Borch, Christopher Carl; Megirian, Dirk; Murray, P; Schwartz, L
2006Multiscale characterization of a heterogeneous aquifer using an ASR operationPavelic, Paul; Dillon, Peter J; Simmons, Craig Trevor
2007The National Airborne Field Experiment Data SetsDever, C; Walker, Jeffrey; Balling, J; Bell, M; Berg, A; Biasoni, D; Botha, E; Boulet, G; Chen, Y; Christen, E; deJeu, R; deRosnay, P; Fenollar, J; Hornbuckle, J; Hacker, Jorg Michael; Hansen, D; Holz, L; Hurkmans, R; Jackson, T; Hafeez, Mohsin; Hancock, G; Gomez, C; Grant, J P; Draper, C; Jones, P; Jones, S; Kalma, J D; Kerr, Y; Kim, E; Kuzmin, V; Lakshmi, V; Lopez, E; Maggioni, V; Berger, Michael; Maisongrande, P; Martinez, C; McKee, L; Merlin, O; Mladenova, I; O'Neill, P; Panciera, R; Paruscio, V; Pipunic, R; Rawls, W; Rinaldi, M; Rudiger, C; Saco, P; Saleh, K; Savstrup-Kristensen, S; Shoemark, V; Skou, Niels; Seobjaerg, S; Summerell, Gregory; Teuling, A J; Thompson, Helmut; Thyer, M; Toyra, J; Tsang, A; Wells, T; Wursteisen, P; Young, R; Johanson, J
2008New 14C ages on cellulose from Diprotodon gut contents:explorations in oxidation chemistry and combustionWells, Roderick Tucker; Gillespie, Richard; Fifield, L Keith; Levchenko, Vladimir
2007Origin of the sedimentary deposits of the Naracoorte Caves, South AustraliaForbes, Matthew Sean; Bestland, Erick Anthony
2004Preliminary 14C dates on bulk soil organic matter from the Black Creek Megafauna Fossil site, Rocky River, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaForbes, Matthew Sean; Wells, Roderick Tucker; Bestland, Erick Anthony
2008Salinograph trends as indicators of the recession characteristics of stream componentsWerner, Adrian D; Simmons, Craig Trevor; Wood, Martin; Lockington, David A
2003Sources of base cations in soil solids and soil water: Examples from Red Brown Earths of South AustraliaGreen, Graham Paul; Rivett, Kelly; Bestland, Erick Anthony
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