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2007Aboriginal people's attitudes towards paying for water in a water-scarce region of AustraliaPearce, Meryl Winsome; Willis, Eileen Mary; Jenkin, Tom
2008Application of common predictive habitat techniques for post-border weed risk managementBass, David Andrew; Crossman, Neville David
2006Australia's coastcare program (1995-2002): its purpose, components and outcomesClarke, Beverley Dawn
2006Butterfly communities in South Australia urban reserves: estimating abundance and diversity using the Pollard walkCollier, Neil; Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Benkendorff, Kirsten; Austin, Andrew D; Carthew, S M
2005Changes in waste stabilisation pond performance resulting from the retrofit of activated sludge treatment upstream: part II management and operating issuesSweeney, D G; O'Brien, Matthew J; Cromar, Nancy Judith; Fallowfield, Howard John
2005Changes in waste stabilisation pond performance resulting from the retrofit of activated sludge treatment upstream: part I - water quality issuesCromar, Nancy Judith; Sweeney, D G; O'Brien, Matthew J; Fallowfield, Howard John
2005Clandestine drug laboratories in Australia and the potential for harmCaldicott, David; Pigou, Paul; Beattie, Robert; Edwards, John William
2010Competitive effects of Phragmites australis on the endangered artesian spring endemic Eriocaulon carsonii.Mackay, Duncan Alexander; Davies, Richard Jean-Pierre; Whalen, Molly Ann
2007Current OHS best practices for the Australian nanotechnology industryPriestly, Brian; Edwards, John William; Harford, Andrew; Wright, Paul
2007Development of a Tolerable Daily Intake for N-Nitrosodimethylamine Using a Modified Benchmark Dose MethodologyFitzgerald, Dean James; Robinson, Neville Ian
2004Effect of lowered salinity on the survival, condition & reburial of Soletellina alba (Lamarck, 1818) (Bivalvia: Psammobiidae)Fairweather, Peter George; Matthews, Ty G
2006Effects of the introduced ectoparasite Philornis downsi on haemoglobin level and nestling survival in Darwin's Small Ground Finch (Geospiza fuliginosa)Kleindorfer, Sonia Marie; Dudaniec, Rachael; Fessl, Birgit
2008Empirical models to identify mechanisms driving reductions in tissue mercury concentration during culture of farmed southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyiiDaughtry, Ben; Padula, David; Edwards, John William; Balshaw, Sita; Ellis, D; Ross, Kirstin Elizabeth
2004Enhanced vigilance in groups in Egernia stokesii, a lizard with stable social aggregationsLanham, E J; Bull, Christopher Michael
2007Evaluation of a new airborne microwave remote sensing radiometer by measuring the salinity gradients across the shelf of the Great Barrier Reef lagoonWang, Yonghong; Heron, M L; Prytz, A; Ridd, P V; Steinberg, C R; Hacker, Jorg Michael
2006Evaluation of benzene exposure in adults and urinary s-phenylmercapturic acid in children living in Adelaide, South AustraliaBahrami, A R; Edwards, John William
2009An experimental study of the impacts of cattle on spider communities of artesian springs in South AustraliaMackay, Duncan Alexander; Kavac, K J
2004Extinctions of herbivorous mammals in the late Pleistocene of Australia in relation to their feeding ecology: No evidence for environmental change as cause of extinctionJohnson, C N; Prideaux, Gavin John
2004Field observations of extended locomotor activity at sub-optimal body temperatures in a diurnal heliothermic lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)Kerr, Gregory Dale; Bull, Christopher Michael
2004A histological study of emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) skinWeir, Kristy Anne; Lunam, Christine Annette
Showing results 1 to 20 of 51
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