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2007Active export proteins mediating drug resistance in staphylococciBrown, Melissa Hackett; Hassan, Karl Adam; Skurray, Ronald Anthony
2006Adaptive failure to high-fat diet characterizes steatohepatitis in Alms1 mutant miceArsov, Todor; Larter, Claire Z; Nolan, Christopher J; Petrovsky, Nikolai; Goodnow, Christopher C; Teoh, Narcissus C; Yeh, Matthew M; Farrell, Geoffrey C
2010An adoptive transfer method to detect low-dose radiation-induced bystander effects in vivoHowell, Roger W; Blyth, Benjamin J; Ormsby, Rebecca Jane; Azzam, Edouard I; Staudacher, Alexander; Sykes, Pamela Joy
2006Alzheimer's disease and endocytic dysfunction: Clues from the Down syndrome-related proteins, DSCR1 and ITSN1Keating, Damien John; Chen, Chen; Pritchard, Melanie A
2005Arachidonic acid inhibits the store-operated Ca2+ current in rat liver cellsLitjens, T; Roberts, Michael L; Barritt, Gregory John; Rychkov, Grigori Y
2003Assessment of cell concentration and viability of isolated hepatocytes using flow cytometryPhillips, John William; Wigg, Alan John; Wheatland, L; Berry, M N
2005ATP and vasopressin activate a single type of store-operated Ca2+ channel, identified by patch-clamp recording, in rat hepatocytesRychkov, Grigori Y; Litjens, T; Roberts, Michael L; Barritt, Gregory John
2004ATP Synthesis in Plant Mitochondria: Substrates, Inhibitors, UncouplersSoole, Kathleen Lydia; Menz, Robert Ian
2003Attachment of marine sponge cells of Hymeniacidon perleve on microcarriersZhang, Wei; Zhao, Quanyu; Jin, Meifang; Yu, Xingju; Deng, Maicun; Muller, W
2009Barx2 controls myoblast fusion and promotes MyoD-mediated activation of the smooth muscle alpha-actin geneMeech, Robyn; Makarenkova, Helen; Gonzalez, Katie N.; Kiosses, William B.
2005Bi-directional interactions of prostate cancer cells and bone marrow endothelial cells in three-dimensional cultureBarrett, Jeffery; Jilling, Tamas; Kaul, Karen; Mangold, Kathy
2009Biochemical characterization of the multidrug regulator QacR distinguishes residues that are crucial to multidrug binding and induction of qacA transcriptionSharbeen, George; Peters, Kate Marie; Theis, Torsten; Brown, Melissa Hackett; Skurray, Ronald Anthony
2007Biodesulfurization potential of a newly isolated bacterium, Gordonia alkanivorans RIPI90AMohebali, Ghasemali; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Rasekh, Behnam; Kaytash, Ashk
2008Ca2+-permeable channels in the hepatocyte plasma membrane and their roles in hepatocyte physiologyBarritt, Gregory John; Chen, Jinglong; Rychkov, Grigori Y
2004Calcium(II) selecticely induces alpha-synuclein annular oligomers via interaction with the C-terminal domainPountney, D; Gai, Wei Ping; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Lowe, Rachel Davida; Jensen, Poul Henning
2004Cancer-associated genes can affect somatic intrachromosomal recombination early in carcinogenesisHooker, Antony Michael; Tilley, Wayne Desmond; Sykes, Pamela Joy; Morley, Alexander Alan
2005Cardiovascular responses of three salmonid species affected with amoebic gill disease (AGD)Leef, Melanie J; Harris, James Owen; Hill, Jonathan V; Powell, Mark D
2008Catalyzed oxidative corrosion of porous silicon used as an optical transducer for ligand-receptor interactionsVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Alfonso, Ignacio; Ghadiri, M Reza
2010Cell Microarrays for the Screening of Factors That Allow the Enrichment of Bovine Testicular CellsAnglin, Emily Jessica; Davey, Rhonda; Pasic, Paul; Hor, Maryam; Fenech, Michael; Thissen, Helmut Werner; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Herrid, Muren; Hope, Shelly; Kurkuri, Mahaveer Dandin
2003Cerebral function in post-traumatic stress disorder during verbal working memory updating: a positron emission tomography studyTochon-Danguy, H J; Weber, Darren L; Clark, Christopher Richard; McFarlane, Alexander C; Morris, Philip; Egan, Gary F; Marcina, J; Shaw, M E; Sonkkilla, C
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