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2006Actinoalloteichus hymeniacidonis sp. nov., an actincomycete isolated from the marine sponge Hymeniacidon perleveHuang, Jianyu; Zhang, Haitao; Zheng, Wen; Luo, Hongli; Jin, Yan; Huang, Ying; Liu, Zhiheng; Zhang, Wei
2007Actinobacterial endophytes for improved crop performancePercy, Nigel Jack; Franco, Christopher Milton; Michelsen, Philip Peter; Moll, Simon; Conn, Vanessa; Loria, Rosemary; Coombs, J T; Listiana, Baiq Erna
2007Active export proteins mediating drug resistance in staphylococciBrown, Melissa Hackett; Hassan, Karl Adam; Skurray, Ronald Anthony
2004Adjunctive granulocyte colony-stimulating factor for treatment of septic shock due to melioidosisStephens, Dianne Patricia; Anstey, Nicholas Mark; Cheng, Allen C; Currie, Bart John
2007Albomycin is an effective antibiotic, as exemplified with Yersinia enterocolitica and Streptococcus pneumoniae.Pramanik, Avijit; Standish, Alister; Braun, Volkmar; Paton, James Cleland; Stroeher, Uwe Horst; Autenrieth, Ingo; Bohn, Erwin; Krejci, Juliana
2005Analysis of Sarcoptes scabiei finds no evidence of infection with WolbachiaMounsey, K E; Holt, D C; Fischer, K; Currie, Bart John; Walton, Shelley F
2004Analysis of the Endophytic Actinobacterial Population in the Roots of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) by Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism and Sequencing of 16S rRNA ClonesFranco, Christopher Milton; Conn, Vanessa
2007Analysis of the first Australian strains of Bartonella quintana reveals unique genotypesWoolley, Mark; Wetherall, Bruce Lawrence; Gordon, David Llewellyn
2008Analysis of tryptophan residues in the staphylococcal multidrug transporter QacA reveals long-distance functional associations of residues on opposite sides of the membraneHassan, Karl Adam; Soulhani, Talal; Skurray, Ronald Anthony; Brown, Melissa Hackett
2005Antigens of selected Acanthamoeba species detected with monoclonal antibodiesTurner, Marian L; Cockerell, Emma J; Brereton, Helen Mary; Badenoch, Paul Raymond; Tea, Melinda Nay; Coster, Douglas John; Williams, Keryn Anne
2009Application of an allele specific PCR to clinical HIV genotyping samples detects additional K103N mutations in both therapy naïve and experienced patientsHiggins, Geoffrey; Burrell, Christopher; Qiao, Ming; Carr, Jill; Green, Tara; Shaw, David; Daly, Lyndal; Hart, Wendy; Ratcliff, Rodney; Li, Peng
2008Application of Molecular Microbiology to Environmental ForensicsBall, Andrew Stephen; Pretty, Jules; Mahmud, Rakhi; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin)
2007Approaches to risk managementBentham, Richard Henry; Bartram, J; Briand, E; Callan, P; Crespi, S; Surman-Lee, S; Lee, J
2010Assessment of five bioaccessibility assays for predicting the efficacy of petroleum hydrocarbon biodegradation in aged contaminated soilsDandie, C E; Weber, John; Aleer, Samuel; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin); Ball, Andrew Stephen; Juhasz, Albert Laszlo
2006Associations between blood parasite infection and a microsatellite DNA allele in an Australian scincid lizard (Egernia stokesii)Godfrey, Stephanie Susan; Bull, Christopher Michael; Gardner, Michael George
2007Australian and Thai isolates of Burkholderia pseudomallei are distinct by multilocus sequence typing: revision of a case of mistaken identityCurrie, Bart John; Ward, Linda Maree; Thomas, Annette D; Godoy, Daniel; Dance, David A B; Cheng, Allen C; Mayo, Mark J; Pitt, Tyrone L; Spratt, Brian G
2008Azoxystrobin and soil interactions: degradation and impact on soil bacterial and fungal communitiesOsborn, A Mark; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Adetutu, Eric Morakinyo (Akin)
2006Bacterial motility: links to the environment and a driving force for microbial physicsMitchell, James Gordon; Kogure, Kazuhiro
2003Bacterial tracking of motile algaeMitchell, James Gordon; Barbara, G M
2008Biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS) of petrodiesel fuelsMohebali, Ghasemali; Ball, Andrew Stephen
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