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2006A 5-year study of the influence of the northeast and southwest monsoons on copepod assemblages in the boundary coastal waters between the East China Sea and the Taiwan StraitHwang, Jiang-Shiou; Souissi, Sami; Tseng, Li-Chun; Seuront, Laurent; Schmitt, Francois G; Fang, Lee-Shing; Peng, Shao-Hung; Hsiao, Shih-Hui; Twan, Wen-Hung; Wei, Tsui-Ping; Fang, Tien-Hsi; Wu, Cheng-Han; Chen, Qing-Chao; Wong, Kim; Kumar, Ram
2007Actinobacterial endophytes for improved crop performancePercy, Nigel Jack; Franco, Christopher Milton; Michelsen, Philip Peter; Moll, Simon; Conn, Vanessa; Loria, Rosemary; Coombs, J T; Listiana, Baiq Erna
2004Alternative mitochondrial electron transport proteins in the higher plantsUmbach, A; Soole, Kathleen Lydia; Finnegan, P M
2004Alternative NAD(P)H dehydrogenases of plant mitochondriaSoole, Kathleen Lydia; Elthon, T E; Rasmusson, K
2003Anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions (AVIs) selectively bind acylated anthocyanins in Vitis vinifera L. (grapevine) suspension culture.Franco, Christopher Milton; Zhang, Wei; Conn, Simon
2009Arabidopsis phospholipase D{delta} initiator of cytoskeleton-mediated signalling to fundamental cellular processesHo, Angela Y; Brown, Melissa Hackett; Marc, Jan; Day, David Alexander
2009Ascorbate metabolism and the developmental demand for tartaric and oxalic acids in ripening grape berriesSoole, Kathleen Lydia; Melino, Vanessa Jane; Ford, Christopher
2007Asexual genetic exchange in the barley pathogen rhynchosporium secalisForgan, Angus H; Knogge, Wolfgang; Anderson, Peter Alex
2004ATP Synthesis in Plant Mitochondria: Substrates, Inhibitors, UncouplersSoole, Kathleen Lydia; Menz, Robert Ian
2008Bidens identifications using the non-coding regions of chloroplast genome and nuclear ribosomal DNALinacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Tsai, Li-Chin; Wang, Jenn-Che; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Liu, Kuo-Lan; Lee, James Chun-l
2007Boron and Plant DiseaseGraham, Robin David; Stangoulis, James Constantine Roy
2009Characterisation of low molecular weight phytotoxins isolated from Pyrenophora teresCatcheside, David Edward; Sarpeleh, Abolfazl; Wallwork, Hugh; Tate, Max; Able, Amanda
2010Characterization of anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions in Vitis Vinifera L. cell suspension culturesZhang, Wei; Conn, Simon; Franco, Christopher Milton
2006Characterization of mitochondrial alternative NAD(P)H dehydrogenases in arabidopsis: intraorganelle location and expressionElhafez, Dina; Murcha, Monika W; Clifton, Rachel; Soole, Kathleen Lydia; Whelan, James; Day, David Alexander
2008Complex I dysfunction redirects cellular and mitochondrial metabolism in arabidopsisCarroll, Adam; Garmier, Marie; Delannoy, Etienne; Vallet, Corinne; Millar, A.; Small, Ian; Day, David
2004A critical analysis of the causes of boron toxicity in plantsStangoulis, James Constantine Roy; Post, A; Reid, Robert J; Hayes, Julie; Graham, Robin David
2007Crystal structure of Flax Rust Avirulence Proteins AvrL567-A and -D reveals details of the structural basis for flax disease resistance specificityMackay, Joel P; Kobe, Bostjan; Dodds, Peter N; Ellis, Jeff; Schirra, Horst J; Anderson, Peter Alex; Lawrence, Gregory J; Loughlin, Fionna E; Catanzariti, Ann-Maree; Teh, Trazel; Forwood, Jade K; Guncar, Gregor; Wang, Ching-I A
2007The cytotoxic lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal covalently modifies a selective range of proteins linked to respiratory function in plant mitochondriaDay, David; Taylor, Nicolas; Heazlewood, Joshua; Millar, A.; Winger, Alison
2005Differential impact of environmental stresses on the pea mitochondrial proteomeMillar, A.; Taylor, Nicolas; Heazlewood, Joshua; Day, David
2008Dynamic changes in the mitochondrial electron transport chain underpinning cold acclimation of leaf respirationArmstrong, Anna; Badger, Murray; Day, David; Barthet, Michelle; Smith, Penelope; Millar, A.; Whelan, James; Atkin, Owen
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