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2008Are science students' missing classes for the reasons we think?Hunter, Narelle Cassandra; Burke Da Silva, Karen Loreen; Menz, Robert Ian
2007Are the benefits of clickers due to the enforcement of good pedagogy?Wood, David Michael; Burke Da Silva, Karen Loreen; Menz, Robert Ian
2010An Australian land mammal age biochronological schemeMegirian, Dirk; Murray, Peter; Smit, Neil; Prideaux, Gavin John
2006Continent of Curiosities: A Journey through Australian Natural HistoryClode, Danielle
2007Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of ultrafine crystalline SiO2 particulate in cultured human lymphoblastoid cellsSanderson, Barbara Joanne; Wang, Jing Jing; Wang, He
2007A distinct Y-STR haplotype for Amelogenin negative males characterized by a large Yp11.2 (DYS458-MSY1-AMEL-Y) deletionChang, Yuet Meng; Perumal, Revathi; Keat, Phoon Yoong; Yong, Rita Y; Kuehn, Daniel Leo; Burgoyne, Leigh Alexander
2010Distribution and Population Demographics of Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in the Gulf St. Vincent, South AustraliaMartinez, Emmanuelle; Stockin, Karen A; Filby, Nicole Erin; Bossley, Mike; Sanderson, Kenneth James
2009Effects of integrated combination and quicklime supplementation on growth and pearl yield of freshwater pearl mussel, Hyriopsis cumingii (Lea, 1852)Wang, Yan; Wang, Wei L; Qin, Jianguang; Wang, Xiao D; Zhu, Sheng B
2007Egg size and number is influenced by both environmental and social factors in a facultatively social beeKayaalp, Pelin; Schwarz, Michael Philip
2008Engaging students and improving learning outcomes with inquiry based biology practicalBurke Da Silva, Karen Loreen; Young, Jeanne; Auburn, Zonnetje M; Hunter, Narelle Cassandra
2007Evolution of sociality by natural selection on variances in reproductive fitness: evidence from a social beeSchwarz, Michael Philip; Stevens, Mark Ian; Hogendoorn, Katja
2010Female bisexual kinship ties maintain social cohesion in a dolphin networkMoller, Luciana Marta; Wiszniewski, Joanna; Lusseau, David
2005First record of a giant varanid (Megalania, Squamata) from the Pleistocene of Naracoorte, South Australia.Hutchinson, Mark; Reed, Elizabeth Helen
2008First year biology: a dilemma for mature age studentsHunter, Narelle Cassandra; Burke Da Silva, Karen Loreen; Auburn, Zonnetje M
2007Forensic applications of infrared imaging for the detection and recording of latent evidenceLinacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Lee, James Chun-l; Lin, Apollo Chun-Yen; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Tsai, Li-Chin
2003Higher failures of amelogenin sex test in an Indian population groupChang, Yuet Meng; Burgoyne, Leigh Alexander; Both, K
2010Histomorphology of the hypobranchial gland in Dicathais orbita (Gmelin, 1791) (Neogastropoda: Muricidae)Westley, Chantel Barbara; Benkendorff, Kirsten; Lewis, Michelle C
2010Impacts of male and food density on female performance in the brackish cladoceran Daphniopsis australisQin, Jianguang; Seuront, Laurent; Adams, Mark; Ismail, Hasnun-Nita
2008An investigation into the spatial elemental distribution within a pane of glass by time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometryKirkbride, Kenneth Paul; Coumbaros, John; Denman, John Andrew; Walker, George Stewart; Skinner, Bill
2010Iron defecation by sperm whales stimulates carbon export in the Southern OceanMitchell, James Gordon; Smetacek, Victor; Lavery, Patricia Jane; Roudnew, Ben; Gill, Peter; Johnson, Genevieve; Seymour, J R; Seuront, Laurent
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