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2009The Synthesis and Characterisation of a Free-Base Porphyrin-Perylene Dyad that Exhibits Electronic Coupling in Both the Ground and Excited StatesMathew, Simon; Johnston, Martin Ross
2005Synthesis and complexation studies of a convex bis-porphyrin tweezer - a molecular capsule precursorJohnston, Martin Ross; Lyons, Dani Ray Michelle
2007Synthesis and stereoselective DNA binding abilities of new optically active open-chain polyaminesVoelcker, Nicolas Hans; Pea, Chantelle; Alfonso, Ignacio; Tooth, Blake Alfred; Gotor, V
2005Synthesis of an Anologue of the Marine Polypropionate TridachiahydropyroneWhite, J M; Jeffery, David William; Perkins, Michael Victor
2008Synthesis of POSS-Methyl Methacrylate-based Cross-Linked Hybrid MaterialsMarkovic, Elda; Simon, George P; Matisons, Janis Gunars; Clarke, Stephen Ross
2009The Synthesis of Potential DNA Intercalators. 2. Tri- and Tetra-Cyclic Heterocycles*Ebrahimlo, Ali Reza; Khalafy, Jabbar; Prager, Rolf Herman
2009The synthesis of potential DNA intercalators. Part 3. Triazanaphthalene, tetraaza-anthracenes and phenanthrenes from isoxazolonesMarjani, Ahmad Poursattar; Ebrahimlo, Ali Reza; Khalafy, Jabbar; Prager, Rolf Herman
2003The synthesis of some chiral 2-aminoalkyloxazole-4-carboxylates from isoxazol-5(2H)-onesPrager, Rolf Herman; Svensson, C E; Cox, M O
2003The synthesis of some chiral 2-aminoalkyloxazole-5-carboxylates from isoxazol-5(2H)-onesPrager, Rolf Herman; Svensson, C E; Taylor, Max Ronald; Cox, M O
2008Synthesis of the Individual Diastereomers of the Cysteine Conjugate of 3-Mercaptohexanol (3-MH)Pardon, Kevin H; Graney, Sean Damien; Capone, Dimitra; Swiegers, Jan; Sefton, Mark; Elsey, Gordon Michael
2005Synthesis of the Putative Structure of TridachiahydropyroneJeffery, David William; Perkins, Michael Victor; White, J M
2004Thermal and base-induced cyclisations of N-heteroarylamidinopropanoatesPrager, Rolf Herman; Clark, A
2005Three-centre hydrogen bonding in the complexes of syn-2,4-difluoroadamantane with 4-fluorophenol and hydrogen fluorideAdcock, William; Graton, Jerome; Laurence, Christian; Lucon, Maryvonne; Trout, Neil Alan
2006Total synthesis and structural elucidation of (-)-maurenoneCrossman, Julia Stephanie; Perkins, Michael Victor
2004Total Synthesis of a Hemiacetal Polypropionate from Siphonaria australisPerkins, Michael Victor; Lister, Troy
2006Total synthesis of Auripyrone ALister, Troy; Perkins, Michael Victor
2008Total synthesis of enzyme inhibitor spirastrellolide A - stereochemical confirmationPerkins, Michael Victor
2009Transmission of polar substituent effects across the cubane ring system: 19F substituent chemical shifts (SCS) of 4-substituted (X) cub-1-yl fluorides revisitedAdcock, William
2004Triplet lifetimes, solvent and intramolecular capture of isoxazolonesPrager, Rolf Herman; Staker, W; Lawrance, Warren Donald; Smith, Jaclyn Amanda; Ang, K H; Cox, M O
2006Use of a 9,10-dihydrofulvalene pincer cycloadduct as a cornerstone for molecular architectureGolic, Mirta; Johnston, Martin Ross; Margetic, Davor; Schultz, Austin C; Warrener, Ronald N
Showing results 71 to 90 of 90
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