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2007In vitro approaches to investigate mechanism-based inactivation of CYP enzymesPolasek, Thomas Metodey; Miners, John Oliver
2008In vitro characterisation of human renal and hepatic frusemide glucuronidation and identification of the UDP-glucuronosyltransferase enzymes involved in this pathwayKerdpin, Oranun; Knights, Kathleen Mary; Elliot, David John; Miners, John Oliver
2010The In Vitro Characterization of Inhibitory Drug-Drug Interactions Involving UDP-GlucuronosyltransferaseMiners, John Oliver; Polasek, Thomas Metodey; Mackenzie, Peter Ian; Knights, Kathleen Mary
2006In vitro characterization of lamotrigine N2-glucuronidation and the lamotrigine-valproic acid interactionRowland, Andrew; Elliot, David John; Williams, Andrew; Mackenzie, Peter Ian; Dickinson, Ronald G; Miners, John Oliver
2007In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of some substituted isatin derivativesBenkendorff, Kirsten; Vine, Kara L; Locke, Julie M; Ranson, Marie; Pyne, Stephen G; Bremner, John B
1987In Vitro Fertilisation (Restriction) Act, 1987, No. 27South Australia. Parliament
1987In Vitro Fertilisation (Restriction) Act Amendment Act, 1987, No. 83South Australia. Parliament
2006In vitro-in vivo correlation for drugs and other compounds eliminated by glucuronidation in humans: Pitfalls and promisesMiners, John Oliver; Knights, Kathleen Mary; Houston, J Brian; Mackenzie, Peter Ian
2007In vitro-in vivo extrapolation of drug glucuronidation kinetic parameters: Pitfalls and PromisesMiners, John Oliver; Rowland, Andrew; Uchaipichat, Verawan Nu; Elliot, David John; Knights, Kathleen Mary; Galetin, A; Houston, J Brian; Mackenzie, Peter Ian
2010In vitro-in vivo extrapolation of zolpidem as a perpetrator of metabolic interactions involving CYP3APolasek, Thomas Metodey; Sadagopal, Janani Soundarya; Elliot, David John; Miners, John Oliver
2010In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation Predicts Drug-Drug Interactions Arising from Inhibition of Codeine Glucuronidation by Dextropropoxyphene, Fluconazole, Ketoconazole, and Methadone in HumansJanchawee, Benjamas; Raungrut, Pritsana; Uchaipichat, Verawan Nu; Elliot, David John; Somogyi, Andrew A; Miners, John Oliver
2004In vitro testing to diagnose venom allergy and monitor immunotherapy: a placebo-controlled, crossover trialWoods, G M; Heddle, Robert John; Brown, Simon G A; Black, J A; Haas, M A; Parameswaran,
2009In-vivo demonstration of a high resolution optical fiber manometry catheter for diagnosis of gastrointestinal motility disordersArkwright,; Blenman, N; Szczesniak, M; Dinning, Phillip; Cook, I; Underhill, I; Maunder, Simon
2009The in vivo expression of dipeptidyl peptidases 8 and 9Ajami, Katerina; Park, J; lee, C S; Evans, K A; McLaughlin, E A; McCaughan, Geoffrey W; Yu, Denise M; Gall, MG; Abbott, Catherine Anne; Pitman, Melissa Rose; Gorrell, Mark
2006In vivo flooding for anxiety disorders: proposing its utility in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorderMoulds, Michelle; Nixon, Reginald David
2004Involvement in civil society groups: is it good for your health?Ziersch, Anna Marie; Baum, Frances Elaine
2005Involvement of neural adaptation in the recovery of vision after laser refractive surgeryPesudovs, Konrad
2008Involving students in the assessment of game performance in physical education.Pill, Shane Andrew
2003Inward Looking ProjectionsVallance, Scott L; Calder, Paul Robert
Oct-2002Inwardness and Outwardness. “My Lover’s Back: 79 Love Poems” by M.T.C Cronin and “Bestiary” by Coral Hull. [review]Gorton, Lisa
Showing results 10780 to 10799 of 26983
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