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2008A novel locus for X-lined congenital cataract on Xq24Craig, Jamie E; Friend, K; Gecz, Jozef; Rattray, K M; Troski, Mark; Mackey, David A; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope
2005Novel mechanisms of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced renal toxicityKnights, Kathleen Mary; Miners, John Oliver; Tsoutsikos, Voula
2003Novel mesenchymal and haematopoietic cell isoforms of the SHP-2 docking receptor, PZR: identification, molecular cloning and effects on cell migrationZannettino, Andrew CW; Roubelakis, Maria; Welldon, Katie J; Jackson, Denise E; Simmons, Paul J; Bendall, Linda J; Henniker, Anthony; Harrison, Kate L; Niutta, Silvana; Bradstock, Kenneth F; Watt, Suzanne M
2003Novel methods of catalysing polysiloxane synthesesMatisons, Janis Gunars; Clarke, Stephen Ross; Embery, C
2004Novel multi-centroid, multi-run sampling schemes for K-mediods-based algorithmsRoddick, John Francis; Chu, S-C; Pan, Jeng-Shyang
2004A novel mutation in the Connexin 46 Gene causes autosomal dominant congenital cataract with incomplete penetranceCraig, Jamie E; Sale, Michele M; Mackey, David A; Russell-Eggit, Isabelle M; Wirth, M Gabriela; Dickinson, Joanne L; Elder, James E; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope
2006Novel pathway of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 uptake and release in astrocytesClarke, Jennifer Narelle; Wesselingh, Steven L; Lake, Julie-Anne; Li, Peng; Burrell, Christopher; Gorry, Paul R
2010A Novel Polymorphism in a Forkhead Box A1 (FOXA1) Binding Site of the Human UDP Glucuronosyltransferase 2B17 Gene Modulates Promoter Activity and is associated with altered levels of circulating Androstane-3{alpha},17{beta}-diol GlucuronideHu, Dong Gui; Gardner-Stephen, Dione Anne; Severi, G; Gregory, P A; Treloar, Joanna; Giles, G G; Hopper, John L; Tilley, Wayne; English, Dallas; Mackenzie, Peter Ian
2008A novel preparation to study rat pancreatic spinal and vagal mechanosensitive afferents in vitroSchloithe, Ann Carolyn; Woods, Charmaine Michelle; Blackshaw, L A; Davison, Joseph S; Toouli, James; Saccone, Gino Tony; Sutherland, Kate
2010Novel quantitative trait loci for central corneal thickness identified by candidate gene analysis of osteogenesis imperfecta genesChen, Jern Yee; Dimasi, David Paul; Hewitt, Alex W; Klebe, Sonja; Davey, Richard; Stirling, John W; Thompson, E; Forbes, Robin; Tan, Tiong Y; Savarirayan, Ravi; Mackey, David A; Healey, Paul R; Mitchell, Paul; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope; Craig, Jamie
2010A Novel Route for the Synthesis of Mesoporous and Low-Thermal Stability Materials by Coupled Dissolution-Repreciptation Reactions: Mimicking Hydrothermal Mineral Formation.McFadden, Aoife Louise; Pring, Allan; Lenehan, Claire Elizabeth; Zhao, Jing; Xia, Fang; Brugger, Joel; Etschmann, Barbara
2004A novel shape descriptor based on empty morphological skeletonNamati, E; Li, Jimmy Siu
2010A novel strategy for avian species and gender identification using the CHD geneLee, James Chun-I; Tsai, Li-Chin; Hwa, Pei-Yi; Chan, Chia-Ling; Huang, Alex; Chin, Shih-Chien; Wang, Lih-Chiann; Lin, Jun-Tsong; Linacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei
2008A novel strategy for avian species identification by cytochrome b geneLinacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Lee, James Chun-l; Tsai, Li-Chin; Huang, Mei-Tzu; Jhuang, Jhe-An; Yao, Cheng-Te; Wang, Lih-Chiann; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Chin, Shih-Chien
2005A Novel Superporous Agarose Medium for High-Speed Protein ChromatographyShi, Qing-Hong; Sun, Yan; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2007A novel surface modification approach for protein and cell microarraysThissen, Helmut Werner; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Kurkuri, Mahaveer Dandin; Driever, Chantelle
2010A novel syndrome of paediatric cataract, dysmorphism, ectodermal features, and developmental delay in Australian aboriginal family maps to 1p35.3-p36.32Hattersely, Kathryn; Laurie, Kate; Leibelt, J E; Gezc, J; Durkin, Shane; Craig, Jamie; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope
24-May-2013Novel therapeutic approaches for corneal diseaseWilliams, Keryn Anne; Irani, Yazad; Klebe, Sonja
2005A novel user interface for online literary documentsSchmidt, Desmond; Wyeld, Theodor
2010Novice teachers' work: constructing 'different' children?Krieg, Susan
Showing results 14437 to 14456 of 26843
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