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2008A novel preparation to study rat pancreatic spinal and vagal mechanosensitive afferents in vitroSchloithe, Ann Carolyn; Woods, Charmaine Michelle; Blackshaw, L A; Davison, Joseph S; Toouli, James; Saccone, Gino Tony; Sutherland, Kate
2010Novel quantitative trait loci for central corneal thickness identified by candidate gene analysis of osteogenesis imperfecta genesChen, Jern Yee; Dimasi, David Paul; Hewitt, Alex W; Klebe, Sonja; Davey, Richard; Stirling, John W; Thompson, E; Forbes, Robin; Tan, Tiong Y; Savarirayan, Ravi; Mackey, David A; Healey, Paul R; Mitchell, Paul; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope; Craig, Jamie
2010A Novel Route for the Synthesis of Mesoporous and Low-Thermal Stability Materials by Coupled Dissolution-Repreciptation Reactions: Mimicking Hydrothermal Mineral Formation.McFadden, Aoife Louise; Pring, Allan; Lenehan, Claire Elizabeth; Zhao, Jing; Xia, Fang; Brugger, Joel; Etschmann, Barbara
2004A novel shape descriptor based on empty morphological skeletonNamati, E; Li, Jimmy Siu
2010A novel strategy for avian species and gender identification using the CHD geneLee, James Chun-I; Tsai, Li-Chin; Hwa, Pei-Yi; Chan, Chia-Ling; Huang, Alex; Chin, Shih-Chien; Wang, Lih-Chiann; Lin, Jun-Tsong; Linacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei
2008A novel strategy for avian species identification by cytochrome b geneLinacre, Adrian Matthew Thornton; Lee, James Chun-l; Tsai, Li-Chin; Huang, Mei-Tzu; Jhuang, Jhe-An; Yao, Cheng-Te; Wang, Lih-Chiann; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Chin, Shih-Chien
2005A Novel Superporous Agarose Medium for High-Speed Protein ChromatographyShi, Qing-Hong; Sun, Yan; Zhou, Xin-Fu
2007A novel surface modification approach for protein and cell microarraysThissen, Helmut Werner; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Kurkuri, Mahaveer Dandin; Driever, Chantelle
2010A novel syndrome of paediatric cataract, dysmorphism, ectodermal features, and developmental delay in Australian aboriginal family maps to 1p35.3-p36.32Hattersely, Kathryn; Laurie, Kate; Leibelt, J E; Gezc, J; Durkin, Shane; Craig, Jamie; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope
24-May-2013Novel therapeutic approaches for corneal diseaseWilliams, Keryn Anne; Irani, Yazad; Klebe, Sonja
2005A novel user interface for online literary documentsSchmidt, Desmond; Wyeld, Theodor
2010Novice teachers' work: constructing 'different' children?Krieg, Susan
14-Jan-2010Novice teachers' work: constructing 'different' children?Krieg, Susan
1934Noxious Insects Act 1934, No. 2193South Australia. Parliament
1955Noxious Insects Act, 1955, No. 15South Australia. Parliament
1965Noxious Trade Act Amendment Act, 1965, No. 14South Australia. Parliament
1943Noxious Trades Act, 1943, No. 34South Australia. Parliament
1955Noxious Trades Act Amendment Act, 1955, No. 38South Australia. Parliament
1891Noxious Weeds 54 and 55 Vic., 1891, No. 517South Australia. Parliament
1931Noxious Weeds Act 1931, No. 2031South Australia. Parliament
Showing results 14439 to 14458 of 26830
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