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2005Synthesis, crystal structure and anti-microbial properties of a copper(II) complex of an unsymmetrical tripodal ligandXu, Xing-You; Gao, Jian; Wang, Ming-Yan; Ma, Wei-Xing; Song, Hai-Bing; Wainwright, Kevin Peter
2004Synthesis, crystal Structure, NMR and ab initio molecular-orbital studies of some magnesium(II) macrocyclic Schiff-base complexes, with two2 -aminoethyl pendant armsTaylor, Max Ronald; Wainwright, Kevin Peter; Keypour, Hassan; Khanmohammadi, Hamid
2005Synthesis of an Anologue of the Marine Polypropionate TridachiahydropyroneWhite, J M; Jeffery, David William; Perkins, Michael Victor
2006Synthesis of new polyaniline/nanotube composites using ultrasonically initiated emulsion polymerizationGinic-Markovic, Milena; Matisons, Janis Gunars; Cervini, Raoul; Simon, George P; Fredericks, Peter
2008Synthesis of POSS-Methyl Methacrylate-based Cross-Linked Hybrid MaterialsMarkovic, Elda; Simon, George P; Matisons, Janis Gunars; Clarke, Stephen Ross
2003The synthesis of some chiral 2-aminoalkyloxazole-4-carboxylates from isoxazol-5(2H)-onesPrager, Rolf Herman; Svensson, C E; Cox, M O
2003The synthesis of some chiral 2-aminoalkyloxazole-5-carboxylates from isoxazol-5(2H)-onesPrager, Rolf Herman; Svensson, C E; Taylor, Max Ronald; Cox, M O
2008Synthesis of the Individual Diastereomers of the Cysteine Conjugate of 3-Mercaptohexanol (3-MH)Pardon, Kevin H; Graney, Sean Damien; Capone, Dimitra; Swiegers, Jan; Sefton, Mark; Elsey, Gordon Michael
2005Synthesis of the Putative Structure of TridachiahydropyroneJeffery, David William; Perkins, Michael Victor; White, J M
2003The synthesis of vinyloxyacetate-siloxane copolymer and its absorption onto E glass fibersMatisons, Janis Gunars; Britcher, L G; Lehuy, C; Ma, R
2004Synthesis, X-ray Characterization, NMR and Ab Initio Molecular-Orbital Studies of some Cadmium(II) Macrocyclic Schiff-Base Complexes with Two 2-Aminoethyl Pendant ArmsTaylor, Max Ronald; Wainwright, Kevin Peter; Keypour, Hassan; Khanmohammadi, Hamid
2004The systematic abrogation of practice standards in foster careGilbertson, Robyn Lynette; Barber, J G
2006A systematic procedure to determine the minimum pressure gradient required for the flow of visoplastic fluids in pipes of symmetric cross-sectionHuilgol, Raja Ramesh
2007A systematic review of common conservative therapies for arm lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer treatmentMoseley, Amanda Louise; Carati, Colin John; Piller, Neil Brenton
2006A systematic review of faculty development initiatives designed to improve teaching effectiveness in medical education: BEME Guide No. 8Steinert, Yvonne; Mann, Karen; Centeno, Angel; Dolmans, Diana; Spencer, John; Gelula, Mark; Prideaux, David John
2007A systematic review of prognostic/end-of-life communication with adults in the advanced stages of a life-limiting illness: patient/caregiver preferences for the content, style, and timing of informationParker, Sharon M; Clayton, Josephine M; Hancock, Karen; Walder, Sharon; Butow, Phyllis N; Currow, David Christopher; Ghersi, Davina; Glare, Paul; Hagerty, Rebecca; Tattersall, Martin H N; Carrick, Sue
Nov-2008A systematic review of trend studies of women seeking termination of pregnancyAbigail, Wendy; Power, Charmaine
2008A systematic review of trend studies of women seeking termination of pregnancyPower, Charmaine; Abigail, Wendy
2004Systematics and evolution of the sthenurine kangarooPrideaux, Gavin John
2007Systematics of the Rubus fruticosus aggregate (Rosaceae) and other exotic Rubus taxa in AustraliaHosking, John R; Symon, David E; Barker, Robyn M; Whalen, Molly Ann; Evans, Katherine J; Oliver, Julie A
Showing results 17491 to 17510 of 19547
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