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2006Thermodynamic analysis of catalysis by the dihydroorotases from hamster and bacillus caldolyticus, as compared with the uncatalysed reactionHuang, Danny T; Kaplan, Jacob; Menz, Robert Ian; Katis, Vittorio L; Wake, Gerry; Zhao, Feng; Wolfenden, Richard; Christopherson, Richard I
2006Thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue: Increase by 5HT2A receptor activation and decrease by 5-HT1A receptor activation in conscious ratsBlessing, William Walter; Ootsuka, Youichirou
Nov-1979Thermoluminescence dating of objects and materials from the South Pacific regionMortlock, A J
2008Thermosensitive Copolymer Coatings with Enhanced Wettability SwitchingKurkuri, Mahaveer Dandin; Nussio, Matthew Robert; Deslandes, Alec; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans
2004Thermosensitive transient receptor potential channels in vagal afferent neurons of the mouseZhang, L; Jones, Sarahlouise; Brody, K M; Costa, Marcello; Brookes, Simon Jonathan
2008Thesis writing as a feminist project: negotiating space for women's embodied selves in new scholarshipCarroll, Trish; Matthews, Julie; Gill, Judith; Zannettino, Lana
1963Thevenard to Kevin Railway Act, 1963, No. 9South Australia. Parliament
2007'They do it just to show off': Year 9 girls', boys' and their teachers' explanation for boys' aggression to girlsShute, Rosalyn Helen; Slee, Phillip T; Owens, Laurence David
2006'They don't want us to practice our faith': young South Australian Muslim women & their experiences of religious racism in high schoolImtoual, Alia Salem
Apr-2004They Make A Desolation and They Call It F.A. Hayek: Australian Universities on the Brink of the Nelson Reforms. [essay]Marginson, Simon
2006They took our land and then our childrenTrevorrow, Tom; Finnimore, Christine; Hemming, Steven John; Trevorrow, George; Rigney, Matthew; Brodie, Veronica; Trevorrow, Ellen
2006They took our land and then our children (exhibition)Trevorrow, Tom; Finnimore, Christine; Hemming, Steven John; Trevorrow, George; Rigney, Matthew; Brodie, Veronica; Trevorrow, Ellen
2005'They turned around like I wasn't there.' An analysis of teenage girls' letters about their peer conflictsJames, Vennessa Heather; Owens, Laurence David
2006Thin calcium phosphate coatings on titanium by electrochemical deposition in modified simulated body fluidPeng, Ping; Kumar, Sunil; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Szili, Endre; Smart, Roger; Griesser, Hans J
2-Nov-2013Things I CarryKelly, John Farrell
2004Thin ideals in music television: a source of social comparison and body dissatisfactionTiggemann, Marika; Slater, Amy
2008Thinking activates EMG in scalp electrical recordingsPope, Kenneth; Whitham, Emma Mary; Lewis, Trent Wilson; Fitzgibbon, Sean Patrick; Loveless, Stephen James; Clark, Christopher Richard; DeLosAngeles, Dylan; Wallace, Angus Keith; Broberg, I Marita; Willoughby, John Osborne
2004Thinking Australian Studies: Teaching Across CulturesDarian-Smith, K; Worby, Guthrie Roger; Carter, Dee
May-2004Thinking Images. "How Images Think" by Ron Burnett. [review]Snyder, Ilana
May-2004Thinking Out Loud. "The Mother Workshops and Other Poems" by Jeri Kroll and "Shadows at the Gate" by Robyn Rowland [review]Gorton, Lisa
Showing results 17527 to 17546 of 19286
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