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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Evidence-based medicine and women: Do the principles and practice of EBM further women's health?Rogers, Wendy Anne
26-Sep-2012The evidence base for oxygen for chronic refractory breathlessness: issues, gaps, and a future work planJohnson, Miriam J; Abernethy, Amy Pickar; Currow, David Christopher
1999Evidence (Confidential Communications) Amendment Act, 1999, No. 17South Australia. Parliament
2006Evidence for early oral feeding of patients after elective open colorectal surgery: a literature reviewNg, Wai Quin; Neill, Cathryn Jane
2005Evidence for secular trends in children's physical activity behaviourDollman, Jim; Norton, K; Norton, Lynda
2003Evidence for the expression of transient receptor potential proteins in guinea pig airway smooth muscle cellsOng, H L; Harland, M L; Barritt, Gregory John; Brereton, Helen Mary
2003Evidence for whole chromosome 6 loss and duplication of the remaining chromosome in acute lymphoblastic leukemiaFirgaira, F; McEvoy, C R E; Morley, Alexander Alan
1888Evidence Further Amendment Act 1888 No. 435South Australia. Parliament
1993Evidence (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act, 1993, No. 37South Australia. Parliament
1999Evidence (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act, 1999, No. 18South Australia. Parliament
2004Evidence of a large seasonal coastal upwelling system along the southern shelf of AustraliaGriffin, D; Ward, Tim; Kaempf, Jochen; Matthews, Roger; Doubell, Mark John
1873Evidence on Commission 37 Vic., 1873, No. 20South Australia. Parliament
1917Evidence Publication Act 1917 No. 1287South Australia. Parliament
1996Evidence (Settlement Negotiations) Amendment Act, 1996, No. 26South Australia. Parliament
2003Evidence that Ca2+-release-activated Ca2+ channels in rat hepatocytes are required for the maintenance of hormone-induced Ca2+ oscillationsGregory, Roland Bruce; Barritt, Gregory John
2003Evidence that store-operated Ca2_ channels are more effective than intracellular messenger-activated non-selective cation channels in refilling rat hepatocyte intracellular Ca2+ storesGregory, Roland Bruce; Sykiotis, D; Barritt, Gregory John
2006Evidence that the gonococcal porA pseudogene is present in a broad range of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains; suitability as a diagnostic targetHallsworth, Peter Gordon; Limnios, E Athena; Lum, Gary; Merien, Fabrice; Vernel-Pauillac, Frederique; Tapsall, John W; Witt, Michael J; Nissen, Michael D; Sloots, Theo P; Whiley, David M; Anderson, Trevor P; Barratt, Kevin; Beaman, Miles H; Buda, Philip J; Carter, Martine; Freeman, Kevin
2003Evidence that TRPC1 (transient receptor potential canonical 1) forms a Ca2+-permeable channel linked to the regulation of cell volume in liver cells obtained using small interfering RNA targeted against TRPC1Barritt, Gregory John; Chen, J W
2004Evidence that TRPM8 is an androgen-dependent Ca2+ channel required for the survival of prostate cancer cellsZhang, L; Barritt, Gregory John
2004Evidence that unsaturated fatty acids are potent inhibitors of renal UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGT): kinetic studies using human kidney cortical microsomes and recombinant UGT1A9 and UGT2B7Tsoutsikos, Paraskevi; Stapleton, Alan Murray; Thomas, Anthony Charles; Knights, Kathleen Mary; Miners, John Oliver; Sallustio, B
Showing results 5872 to 5891 of 23088
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