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2009Dynamical 3-Space: A ReviewCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010Dynamical 3-Space Predicts Hotter Early Universe: Resolves CMB-BBN 7Li and 4He Abundance AnomaliesCahill, Reginald Thomas
2007Dynamical 3-Space: Supernovae and the Hubble Expansion - the Older Universe without Dark EnergyCahill, Reginald Thomas
17-Jul-2013A dynamical (e,2e) investigation of the structurally related cyclic ethers tetrahydrofuran, tetrahydropyran, and 1,4-dioxaneBuilth-Williams, J D; Bellm, Susan; Chiari, Luca; Thorn, Penny Anne; Jones, Darryl Bruce; Chaluvadi, Hari; Madison, D H; Ning, C G; Lohmann, B; da Silva, G B; Brunger, Michael James
2012Dynamical (e, 2e) studies of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcoholBellm, Susan; Builth-Williams, J D; Jones, Darryl Bruce; Chaluvadi, Hari; Madison, D H; Ning, C G; Wang, F; Ma, X G; Lohmann, B; Brunger, Michael James
2006Dynamical Fractal 3-Space and the Generalised Schrodinger Equation: Equivalence Principle and Vorticity EffectsCahill, Reginald Thomas
2010The Dynamical Velocity Superposition Effect in the Quantum-Foam In-Flow Theory of GravityCahill, Reginald Thomas
2008Dynamic changes in the mitochondrial electron transport chain underpinning cold acclimation of leaf respirationArmstrong, Anna; Badger, Murray; Day, David; Barthet, Michelle; Smith, Penelope; Millar, A.; Whelan, James; Atkin, Owen
2006Dynamic electrical properties of polymer-carbon nanotube composites: enhancement through covalent bondingCurran, Seamus A; Zhang, Donghui; Wondmagegn, Wudyalew T; Ellis, Amanda Vera; Cech, Jiri; Roth, Siegmar; Carroll, David L
2009Dynamic links of cognitive functioning among married couples: longitudinal evidence from the Australian longitudial study of ageingGerstorf, Denis; Anstey, Kaarin Jane; Hoppmann, Christiane A; Luszcz, Mary Alice
2005Dynamic nonlinear cochlear model predictions of click-evoked otoacoustic emission suppressionHarte, J M; Elliott, Stephen J; Kapadia, Sarosh Farokh; Lutman, Mark E
2009Dynamics and compositional changes in extracellular carbohydrates in estuarine sediments during degradationBall, Andrew Stephen; Hofmann, Tanja A.; Hanlon, A R M; Taylor, Joe D; Osborn, A Mark; Underwood, Graham J. C.
2008Dynamic self-healing for service flows with semantic web servicesShen, Haifeng; yang, Zhonghua; Zhang, Jingbing; Low, Chor Ping; Chen, David; Sun, Chengzheng; Ren, Wei; Chen, Gang
2005Dynamics from picoseconds to nanoseconds of trehalose in aqueous solutions as seen by quasielastic neutron scatteringBellissent-Funel, Marie-Claire; Koper, Ingo; Petry, W
2007Dynamics of a hysteretic neuron modelLiu, Pingzhou; Gopalsamy, Kondalsamy
2008Dynamics of C-phycocyanin in various deuterated trehalose/water environments measured by quasielastic and elastic neutron scatteringKöper, Ingo; Combet, Sophie; Petry, Winfried; Bellissent-Funel, Marie-Claire
2006Dynamics of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) production and loss in an estuarine, diatom-dominated, microalgal biofilm over a tidal emersion-immersion period.Hanlon, A R M; Bellinger, B; Haynes, Kelly; Xiao, G Q; Hofmann, T A; Gretz, M R; Ball, Andrew Stephen; Underwood, G J C; Osborn, A Mark
2009Dynamics of female labour supply : evidence of differences in preference between single and couple femalesFitzpatrick, Darcy Daniel; Lester, Laurence Howard
2007Dynamics of spicule production in marine sponge Hymeniacidon perlevis during in vitro cell culture and seasonal development in the fieldFu, Wantao; Cao, X P; Zhang, Wei; Yu, Xingju
May-2012Dynamic visual noise reduces confidence in short-term memory for visual informationKemps, Eva Bertha; Andrade, J
Showing results 5943 to 5962 of 26873
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