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  • A database of chlorophyll a in Australian waters 

    Davies, Claire H; Ajani, Penelope; Armbrecht, Linda; Atkins, Natalia; Baird, Mark E; Beard, Jason; Bonham, Prudence; Burford, Michele; Clementson, Lesley; Coad, Peter; Crawford, Christine; Dela-Cruz, Jocelyn; Doblin, Martina A; Edgar, Steven; Eriksen, Ruth; Everett, Jason D; Furnas, Miles; Harrison, Daniel P; Hassler, Christel; Henschke, Natasha; Hoenner, Xavier; Ingleton, Tim l; Jameson, Ian; Keesing, John; Leterme, Sophie Catherine; McLaughlin, James; Miller, Margaret; Moffatt, David; Moss, Andrew; Nayar, Sasi; Patten, Nicole L; Patten, Renee; Pausina, Sarah A; Proctor, Roger; Raes, Eric; Robb, Malcolm; Rothlisberg, Peter; Saeck, Emily A; Scanes, Peter; Suthers, Iain M; Swadling, Kerrie M; Talbot, Samantha; Thompson, Peter; Thomson, Paul; Uribe-Palomino, Julian; van Ruth, Paul; Waite, Anya M; Wright, Simon; Richardson, Anthony J (Speinger Nature, 2018-02-20)
    Chlorophyll a is the most commonly used indicator of phytoplankton biomass in the marine environment. It is relatively simple and cost effective to measure when compared to phytoplankton abundance and is thus routinely ...
  • Visuospatial asymmetries do not modulate the cheerleader effect 

    Carragher, Daniel J; Lawrence, Blake J; Thomas, Nicole A; Nicholls, Michael Elmo Richard (Springer Nature, 2018-02-07)
    The cheerleader effect occurs when the same individual appears to be more attractive when seen in a group, compared to alone. As observers over-attend to visual information presented in the left visual field, we investigated ...
  • Reducing hospital admissions in remote Australia through the establishment of a palliative and chronic disease respite facility 

    Carey, Timothy; Arundell, Mick; Schouten, Kellie; Humphreys, John S; Miegel, Fred; Murphy, Simon; Wakerman, John (BioMed Central, 2017-11-21)
    Background There are limited respite services for palliative care patients and their families in the Northern Territory (NT). The high prevalence of complex chronic diseases, limited access to primary care services, and ...
  • Continental-scale animal tracking reveals functional movement classes across marine taxa 

    Brodie, Stephanie; Lédée, Elodie J I; Heupel, Michelle R; Babcock, Russell C; Campbell, Hamish A; Gledhill, Daniel C; Hoenner, Xavier; Huveneers, Charlie; Jaine, Fabrice R A; Simpfendorfer, Colin A; Taylor, Matthew D; Udyawer, Vinay; Harcourt, Robert G (Springer Nature, 2018-02-27)
    Acoustic telemetry is a principle tool for observing aquatic animals, but coverage over large spatial scales remains a challenge. To resolve this, Australia has implemented the Integrated Marine Observing System’s Animal ...
  • Recession, Recovery, Regeneration and Resilience: Newport and the creation of movement cultures 

    Brabazon, Tara; Redhead, Steve; McRae, Leanne (Human Geographies, 2017-11-25)
    This article aligns theories of city imaging and physical cultural studies to probe the city of Newport. This ‘new’ city shares many cultural and economic characteristics with the rest of Wales, but also reveals some ...

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