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  • Electroreception in early vertebrates 

    King, Benedict; Long, John A (Flinders UIniversity, 2017-11)
    This data contains 7 CT scans of early vertebrate fossils from the Devonian period: Eastmanosteus postsuborbital MVP231104 Kimberleyichthys postsuborbital ANUV1037 Parabuchanosteus suborbital ANUV1686 Torosteus ...
  • Frontier Conflict and the Native Mounted Police in Queensland 

    Burke, Heather Daphne; Wallis, Lynley Anne; Barker, Bryce; Cole, Noelene; Davidson, Iain; Hatte, Elizabeth (Flinders University, 2019)
    Frontier Conflict and the Native Mounted Police in Queensland contains archival, oral historical and archaeological (site and artefact level) data relating to the lives and activities of the Native Mounted Police in Qld ...
  • SEAWAT input files - tidal propagation circular aquifer 

    Werner, Adrian D; Solorzano-Rivas, Cristina (Flinders University, 2019-08)
    Input files that contain parameterization of the aquifer we are simulating (e.g., the hydraulic properties, geometry, etc.) as well as some information to solve the numerical model (e.g., solvers). These input files are ...
  • Parent Feeding Practices in the Australian Indigenous Population within the Context of non-Indigenous Australians and Indigenous Populations in Other High-Income Countries—A Scoping Review 

    Rohit, Athira; Tonkin, Emma; Maple-Brown, Louise J; Golley, Rebecca Kirsty; McCarthy, Mary; Brimblecombe, Julie (Oxford University Press, 2019-01)
    Although extensive literature on parent feeding practices among the general Australian population exists, Australian Indigenous populations are generally overlooked. A systematic scoping review was carried out to map any ...
  • Theoretical Streamflow Generation Modelling 

    Gutierrez-Jurado, Karina; Shanafield, Margaret; Partington, Dan J (Flinders University, 2019-07-23)
    Input files for the theoretical modelling excercise and selected simulation outputs used to perform the analysis for the article “What triggers streamflow for Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams?”

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