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  • The contribution of a MOOC to community discussions around death and dying 

    Tieman, Jennifer; Miller-Lewis, Lauren; Rawlings, Deb; Parker, Deborah; Sanderson, Christine (2018-02-20)
    Abstract Background Advances in medicine have helped many to live longer lives and to be able to meet health challenges. However death rates are anticipated to increase ...
  • Reshaping curricula: Culture and mental health in undergraduate health degrees 

    Muir-Cochrane, Eimear Caitlin; O'Kane, Deb; McAllister, Margaret; Levett, Kerry (Wiley, 2017-08-20)
    Australia is a country rich in cultural diversity, with Indigenous Australians having specific cultural values and a variety of spoken languages. In addition, the increasing number of people from migrant and refugee ...
  • Analysis combining correlated glaucoma traits identifies five new risk loci for open-angle glaucoma 

    Gharahkhani, Puya; Burdon, Kathryn Penelope; Cooke-Bailey, Jessica N; Hewitt, Alex W; Law, Matthew H; Pasquale, Louis R; Kang, Jae Hee; Haines, Jonathan L; Souzeau, Emmanuelle; Zhou, Tiger; Siggs, Owen M; Landers, John; Awadalla, Mona S; Sharma, Shiwani; Mills, Richard Arthur; Ridge, Bronwyn; Lynn, David J; Casson, Robert J; Graham, Stuart L; Goldberg, Ivan; White, Andrew J; Healey, Paul R; Grigg, John RB; Lawlor, Mitchell; Mitchell, Paul; Ruddle, Jonathan B; Coote, Michael A; Walland, Mark; Best, Stephen; Vincent, Andrea; Gale, Jesse; Radford-Smith, Graham; Whiteman, David C; Montgomery, Grant W; Martin, Nicholas G; Mackey, David A; Wiggs, Janey L; MacGregor, Stuart; Craig, Jamie E; Neighborhood Consortium (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-02-18)
    Exfoliation syndrome (XFS) is the most common known risk factor for secondary glaucoma and a major cause of blindness worldwide. Variants in two genes, LOXL1 and CACNA1A, have previously been associated with XFS. To further ...
  • Sphingosine kinase 2 supports the development of BCR/ABL-independent acute lymphoblastic leukemia in mice 

    Xie, Vicki; Tong, Daochen; Wallington-Beddoe, Craig T; Bradstock, Ken F; Bendall, Linda J (2018-02-05)
    Abstract Background Sphingosine kinase (SphK) 2 has been implicated in the development of a range of cancers and inhibitors of this enzyme are currently in clinical trial. ...
  • The prognostic value of T1 mapping and late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in patients with light chain amyloidosis 

    Lin, Lu; Li, Xiao; Feng, Jun; Shen, Kai-ni; Tian, Zhuang; Sun, Jian; Mao, Yue-ying; Cao, Jian; Jin, Zheng-yu; Li, Jian; Selvanayagam, Joseph B; Wang, Yi-ning (2018-01-03)
    Abstract Background Cardiac impairment is associated with high morbidity and mortality in immunoglobulin light chain (AL) type amyloidosis, for which early identification ...

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