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dc.descriptionFurther Information:Photographs of F Weathersby, J Hendy, Grace Whiteford, Maud Denny and F Sinclair on the programme / References to the Boer War / Special Tableaux of special events [The Vacant Chair; The Canteen Attack;Tommy Atkins' Friend; The Absent-minded Beggar; The Lost Chord; The Doctor; The Last Cartridge; Bobs]invented and illustrated by Rege Robins. Venue: Unknown, Adelaide Physical Description of Programme: Three double sided sheets forming a twelve page paper programme, stapled in the centre gutter. Printer: Advertiser, Adelaideen
dc.description.abstractTheatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue Number:18. Two Act play. A variety of performing arts including comedy, music, dance, and a tableaux of notable events.en
dc.format.extent822195 bytes
dc.rightsCopies of these images may be made for private research/study.en
dc.subjectSpoken Worden
dc.subjectThe Sheridan Tour [Production Company]en
dc.subjectJames Hendy [Company Manager]en
dc.subjectMaud Faning [Dancer]en
dc.subjectMyrtle Parry [Dancer]en
dc.subjectLillie Rowe [Dancer]en
dc.subjectGracie Whiteford [Performer]en
dc.subjectEthel Buckley [Performer]en
dc.subjectCelia Mavis [Performer]en
dc.subjectMaud Denny [Performer]en
dc.subjectJohn F Sheridan [Performer]en
dc.subjectBert Hermann [Performer]en
dc.subjectWilton Swift [Performer]en
dc.subjectFred Sinclair [Performer]en
dc.subjectRege Robins [Performer]en
dc.subjectFrank Crossley [Performer]en
dc.subjectEdmund Duggan [Performer]en
dc.subjectLeon Roche [Performer]en
dc.subjectWilliam Anderson [Production Manager]en
dc.subjectBert Bradley [Singer]en
dc.subjectFrank Weathersby [Tour manager]en
dc.subjectDorothy Swiften
dc.subject.ddcT792 T3743
dc.subject.lcshSymon, F. A. N. (Floy Angel Nan), 1896-1976.
dc.subject.lcshTheater Programs
dc.titleFun on the Bristolen

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